Why Do You Ask For So Many Health Documents?

A question we often get is, “Why do we ask for so many health documents?”

The short answer is that Fidelity On Call has governing bodies to answer to. In fact, any reputable healthcare agency would have the same. Here in Illinois, we have:

✔ Illinois Department of Labor Health requirements
✔ Joint Commission
✔ Healthcare Facility Clients

You may find it interesting that every healthcare facility we work with requires different health documentation. In a perfect world it would be one unified list of requirements but, as you likely know from working IN healthcare, that is not the case.

To the point, our onboarding team here at Fidelity On Call is second to none. They streamline the entire process. So, while initially the request for information may seem overwhelming, when you work with one of our experienced healthcare onboarding professionals, they will walk you through resourcing and obtaining most things you already have, and if not, they will arrange for you to get what you need! It really is that simple. Also, they will save those items into your electronic file for future use should you need them!

Here are the basics you will need:

✔ Annual Physical
✔ Annual one step TB
✔ Covid/Flu Documentation or Declination
✔ Hep B (Series, titer or declination)
✔ MMR & Varicella (either two vaccines or titers showing immunity)
✔ Tdap within the last 10 years

As you can see, all these items you had to provide when starting nursing school. For some you may recall, for others you may not remember. WE CAN and WILL HELP!

Where We Are as 2023 Comes to an End

Kellie and Carla are back at the roundtable for another insightful discussion on Fidelity On Call’s year in review in the travel healthcare industry. In our last episode, we recapped the highs and lows of the past year, both as a company and as a team. Now, let’s look closer at the year 2023 to see where we stand in the industry and explore the exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

Leading the Way in Travel Healthcare

With almost three decades of experience, Fidelity On Call proudly continues to be an industry leader in travel healthcare. Our commitment to excellence has led to significant accomplishments this year, particularly in streamlining our practices. Despite the increasing demand from facilities, we’ve managed to create a more manageable pace through our enhanced application processes.

Navigating the Fast-Paced Industry

In the ever-evolving landscape of travel healthcare, our hiring practices remain focused on attracting high-quality professionals. Recognizing the fast-paced nature of the industry, quick turnaround times are crucial. As both recruiters and a company, staying on top of our game is paramount to capitalizing on opportunities. Fidelity On Call has received rave reviews from travelers who have experienced our streamlined process, setting us apart from other agencies across Illinois.

Proud Achievements and Client Appreciation

Our clients value the efficiency we bring to the table. When they call Fidelity, they can count on us to deliver the staffing solutions they need promptly. The positive feedback we’ve received is a testament to our strong turnaround times and commitment to excellence. Notably, we remain Joint Commission accredited. This year brought changes to state regulations, but we quickly adapted and are adhering to those guidelines.

Staying Strong Amid Challenges

The work involved in adjusting to the new regulations in Illinois has caused some agencies to exit the market. However, Fidelity On Call stands resilient, weathering the storm and remaining steadfast after many years in the making.

We appreciate your continued support, and we’re excited to share more about our journey in upcoming videos!

2023 Year in Review

Can you believe it’s already the end of 2023? Time has flown by, and what a wild ride it’s been! Join Kellie and Carla as they review the past year, navigating the unpredictable waves of the market and the dynamic world of travel nursing and travel healthcare.

Journey Across the Trenches

We’ve been all over the place, experiencing the highs and lows, but amidst it all, our hearts have been right there in the trenches. A massive shout-out to our incredible staff for sticking with us through the roller coaster that the last couple of years have been.

Thriving Through the Wild

The market and travel nursing, in general, have thrown some wild challenges our way. From fluctuating pay packages that seemed to defy gravity to the unpredictability of the road, it’s been a test of resilience. Yet, here we are, stronger than ever.

Gratitude for Our Team

A heartfelt thank you to our staff for weathering the storm with us. Your dedication has not gone unnoticed, and we’re grateful for the collective strength that has brought us stability in 2023.

Riding the Roller Coaster

The past year has seen a stabilization in the market, but let’s not forget where we’ve been. Travel applications surged, and unprecedented pay packages became the talk of the town. While they may be a rarity now, never say never; the future is full of surprises.

Road Warriors and True Travelers

To those who joined us for the thrill of those extraordinary pay packages, kudos! You’ve evolved from seekers of high earnings to true travelers and road warriors. The healthcare staffing crisis persists, but so do you, proving that the love for the journey surpasses all.

Exceeding Expectations

Our team’s performance has been nothing short of exceptional, reflected in the numerous outstanding evaluations we’ve received. We believe in hiring the best, and the contract evaluations speak volumes about the dedication and excellence that define Fidelity on Call.

Embracing Travel Nursing

Travel nursing isn’t for everyone, but for those who love freedom, flexibility, variety, and growth opportunities, there’s no better place to be. The last few years have demonstrated that, and we’re proud to have a team that embodies the true spirit of healthcare.

Looking Forward

As we wrap up this year in review, we’re excited for what the future holds. Thanks for joining us on this wild ride, and stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey in the world of travel nursing. Where we are headed next? You’ll find out soon in our next video.

Why Choosing the Right Healthcare Agency Matters

A travel healthcare career does NOT need to be complicated. If you follow the job boards of the travel nurse industry you may feel overwhelmed, discouraged, and uninterested. When in fact the entire process should be and can be a seamless transition and the best professional decision you have made to date.

Selecting an Agency:

⮚ Are they a reputable company that has experience in travel healthcare?

⮚ Are they licensed to work in the state you wish to travel in?

⮚ Do they have experienced healthcare recruiters ready, available, and responsive to you and your questions?

⮚ What access do they have to a variety of placement opportunities?

⮚ What type of benefits do they offer?

Application Process:

⮚ Streamlined Application and Skills Assessment to be completed and returned.

⮚ Turnaround time for response should be 24-48 hours.

⮚ Thorough work history and references vetted to allow quicker submission and offer process.

Compliance and Onboarding Process:

⮚ While each facility we work with requires various compliance and health documentation, with us as your onboarding agent the process is simple.

⮚ All your information is uploaded into an electronic submission file. You will be notified prior (up to 45 days) to the expiration of any of your documentation in order to assist you in staying ahead of the game.

Individual/Personal Healthcare Recruiter:

⮚ Readily available and accessible professional healthcare recruiter that is available to answer questions and help navigate opportunities to find the best match for your specific needs.

⮚ Recruiter that will check in with you and see how your assignment is going throughout the contract and help navigate any issues you may be experiencing.

⮚ Professional coaching always available for professional growth.

When you take the experience you have gained over the course of your healthcare career, coupled with an experienced and professional healthcare travel agency, you too can fall in love with your career again and again.

Understanding Pay Packages

Pay packages posted on job boards for healthcare professionals are not one size fits all. There’s a lot that goes into calculating those pay packages and understanding how that works is so important.

In this video, Sr. Recruiting Specialist Carla Edwards, breaks it down for you and shares how we make sure our team members are taken care of at Fidelity On Call.

Feel free to reach out to us with questions you may have regarding pay packages. Send us a message!