Travel Healthcare Payroll, why is it so complex?

Since Fidelity On Call’s inception in 1994, we have operated on a bi-weekly payroll system. At first, the
system was easy. An employee went to a facility, documented their time ticket, had it verified by the
facility, turned it into the Payroll Department and they were paid. Fast forward to today and things have
gotten a lot more complicated.

Why? Because we now work with numerous facilities that dictate their own documentation and, at some of these facilities, we work through VMS/MSP which put yet another layer into the documentation process.

We, as their supplier, must implement the payroll standards that they require of our team in order to
properly bill the facility or VMS and, in turn, pay our team member.

This process must be as transparent and easy as possible but there are so many layers.

For the past 29 years, we have used paper timecards. But, after much research, we have found a better
way which we believe will be easier for our team members. We can never eliminate some of the layers
(so the facility and/or VMS reporting still has to be done), but we can attempt to make your reporting
process easier for our payroll reporting and with the LightWork system this is possible.

You will have a website link on your phone (bookmark it).

You will “punch in” and “punch out” at the start and end of your shifts along with breaks. Review your punches at the end of each shift.

It will be necessary to email the payroll email with any errors and boom – it’s done.

No more calls from us that we did not receive your emailed timecard.

No more tracking people down because we cannot read the writing.

This is a WIN for everyone!

Kellie Short Illinois ESGR Bosslift

When our recruiters hire a member of the Guard and Reserve they recognize that they are essential to the strength of our Nation and the well-being of our communities. We are proud to say that we have Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine veterans all working for us along with our “weekend warriors” who are part of the National Guard.

During her time at Fidelity On Call, Kellie Short, Sr Recruitment Specialist and General Sales Manager, has hired and worked with many members of the military. Fidelity On Call and Kellie have been recognized for the exemplary job done in working with our military travelers who need to take and coordinate their leave when duty calls.

Because of her commitment to these nurses, Kellie was nominated by LTC Jason Burnett and Elizabeth Burnett to take part in the Illinois ESGR Bosslift.

When she received the notice that she was selected she was told to report at the air base on Airport Road in Peoria. She would be flying in a Chinook helicopter!

Kellie was prepared when the day came. After touring the base, she donned her ear mufflers and took off for a ride that had her touring over Peoria and the Illinois River. It was a very special experience and one that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

Congratulations, Kellie!

Outstanding Achievement in the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases

We are incredibly proud of Lindsay. We are sharing a video below with complete information on why we presented her with a Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Achievement in the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases.

In the photo above, Kellie presented Lindsay with the certificate while her family, who accompanied her to our filming, proudly watched on. Left to right Riley, Lindsay, husband Nate, and Jackson.

Here’s the video…


Pot of Gold Contest

St. Patrick’s Day is approaching! We are looking forward to one lucky nurse getting a “pot of gold.

It is so easy. All you need to do is read the March newsletter.

In the newsletter, you will find a link that you can click on. When you do this, you will be automatically enrolled in our drawing!

You will have until March 16 to read the newsletter and click on the link. We will draw and post our winner on March 17 on Fidelity On Call’s Facebook page.

How easy is that?

Contest Winner Celebrates Anniversary in Style

Surrounded by palm trees and a backdrop of the McDowell Mountains, Shane and his wife Angela celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Shane was the winner of our Poker Run Contest. He said the key to winning was doing what he already does..being on time with his time cards!

The grand prize for the contest was round trip airfare for 2, a 4-night stay at the the resort and spa in Scottsdale, along with $500 for meals and incidentals. 

It just so happened that the timing of the trip ended up being a 13-year anniversary getaway for Shane and his wife, Angela!

Shane and Angela

Shane said their room was wonderful, with a balcony that overlooked one of the 10 pools at the resort, with the mountains as a backdrop. Their balcony had lounge chairs and was a great place to relax.

hyatt regency balcony view

One of the pools had a 3-story slide, which Shane and Angela had to try out!


This adventurous pair used some of their spending cash for a fun experience – a UTV tour through the desert, and up the mountains!

UTV tour 1

Shane and Angela are parents, always juggling work and getting the kids to where they need to go.


They said it was nice to just slow down, and not have a whole lot of worries for a couple of days.

ontest winner celebrates anniversary in style

As you can see, Shane and Angela had a great time and we were touched when we saw this photo!