Welcome to Our Newest Team Member

During the month of September, we welcomed Wendy to our internal team. She is doing a wide variety of very needed things. By now most of you have probably been contacted by her in one way or another as she is responsible for compliance and schedules. Other responsibilities help facilitate the working of our internal team from administration to sales.

Wendy has been married for 15 years to husband, Craig. They have a 14-year-old daughter, Tighler. They love to travel and since Tighler wants to be a zookeeper. they try to visit as many zoos and animal encounters as possible. They also love everything Disney!

In her downtime, Wendy enjoys crafting and spending time on making/decorating costume pieces for Tighler’s ballet performances.

Contest Winner Celebrates Anniversary in Style

Surrounded by palm trees and a backdrop of the McDowell Mountains, Shane and his wife Angela celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Shane was the winner of our Poker Run Contest. He said the key to winning was doing what he already does..being on time with his time cards!

The grand prize for the contest was round trip airfare for 2, a 4-night stay at the the resort and spa in Scottsdale, along with $500 for meals and incidentals. 

It just so happened that the timing of the trip ended up being a 13-year anniversary getaway for Shane and his wife, Angela!

Shane and Angela

Shane said their room was wonderful, with a balcony that overlooked one of the 10 pools at the resort, with the mountains as a backdrop. Their balcony had lounge chairs and was a great place to relax.

hyatt regency balcony view

One of the pools had a 3-story slide, which Shane and Angela had to try out!


This adventurous pair used some of their spending cash for a fun experience – a UTV tour through the desert, and up the mountains!

UTV tour 1

Shane and Angela are parents, always juggling work and getting the kids to where they need to go.


They said it was nice to just slow down, and not have a whole lot of worries for a couple of days.

ontest winner celebrates anniversary in style

As you can see, Shane and Angela had a great time and we were touched when we saw this photo!

Fidelity On Call Poker Run Contest

Announcement on 07.30.21

We have a winner! Congratulations to: Shane P.!


How lucky are you? We are about to find out in our first ever Poker Run “Luck of the Draw” contest.

Our contest will run from April 18 to July 24 – this is seven payroll periods. At the end of every payroll period, you will get to pick a card(s) for your hand if:


Your time tickets are in ON TIME weekly and we did NOT have to contact you.

Now that’s easy . . .


In order to get your card(s), you will e-mail spoynter@fidelityoncall.com and select a number(s) from 1 – 208 (which will be a playing card). We will have shuffled four decks of cards and the number you select will be added to your poker hand. We suggest you also pick a back-up number as the one you select could have already been chosen (Hint: get your request in early!) You will receive one draw for each week of the payroll. If you do NOT e-mail Sara before the following payroll period, you will forfeit your card/s.

You can increase your chances of having a winning hand by getting card(s) for each of the following. Here’s how:

bullet pointWork Memorial Day and/or July 4th

bullet pointGet an all exceeds evaluation

bullet pointGive us a referral; more referrals = more cards; one card per referral

bullet pointHave a referral start during the contest period

When “gambling,” Sara will e-mail you for your card number selection. You must respond within 72 hours or you will forfeit your draw. In order to be our winner you must remain in compliance (hopefully without our nagging) during the contest period and have worked accident free.



Our winner will be chosen based on their poker hand. Now, we know that you have the opportunity to have a lot more cards in your hand than normal. The best cards will be selected in order to determine our winner.

If there are two or more “winning hands” (Royal Flush), we will use the secondary cards to see who has the highest (a flush would beat two pairs, etc). Hint: this is where it is to your advantage to get as many playing cards as possible.

jackpot text only
jackpot prize only

Fidelity On Call Receives 2020 Joint Commission Certification and Gold Seal

The Joint Commission 2020 certification and Gold Seal

Fidelity On Call is proud to announce that we have, once again, received our Joint Commission certification and Gold Seal. We first became accredited in 2008 when The Joint Commission opened up certification to staffing firms. When we started in 1994, we implemented a mission statement that simply affirmed that we would provide the best of care for those we serve. Although we have held fast to that mission, the Gold Seal says to our customers and team members that we do what we say. That’s Fidelity!

Fidelity On Call Pigskin Bowl

Contest update

The 1st place winner of the 75-inch flat screen smart TV was Mary R.

The 2nd place winner of the $250.00 basket was Lacey B.

Our quarterly winners of the Omaha Steak Packages were:

Mary R

Bronwyn W

Amanda T

Congratulations to our winners!

See Mary haul out her huge TV from our office!

The Pigskin Bowl Contest

Nothing can keep our elite team from flying high! We have been thrown so many bum passes during 2020, we are not letting anything stop us. Not even COVID-19. So as we look forward to the fall and football season, we are excited to announce our own Fidelity On Call Pigskin Bowl.

Fidelity On Call Pigskin Bowl pointingOur bowl game starts October 4, 2020 and will run to January 9, 2021.

During this time each player will receive points (yards) based on the following:

2 Yards For:

Each pay period time tickets are on time. And, if you are assigned through a
vendor management company, all documentation is properly completed.

5 Yards For:

1. File documentation that remains in compliance (per pay period) .
2. No call offs in pay period, even if excused .

10 Yards For:

1. Working overtime in a pay period (this does not include make-up hours that would appear to be overtime)
2. Working October 31
3. Working November 25, 27, 28 and/or 29 (10 points each)
4. Working December 24, 26 and/or 27 (10 points each)
5. Working December 31, January 2 and/or 3 (10 points each

20 Yards For:

1. Referral of new employee who works at least one shift during contest period
2. Working November 26
3. Working December 25
4. Working January 1
5. An “all exceeds” evaluation (we love these!)20 Yards For:

You will lose yardage and a penalty flag will be thrown for the following:

-5 Yards For:

1. An unreported (to the office and in advance) call off
2. Being out of compliance

You are ejected from the game for:

1. Receiving a valid customer complaint
2. Having an on-the-job accident

All participants have the ability to win. For every 50 yards earned, you will be entered into our drawing for a Football Basket valued at $250. The more yardage . . . the more entries and chances to win. Our MVP will be determined by the person with the most yardage at the end of the contest.

Fidelity On Call Pigskin Bowl winner gets a 75 inch flat screen smart tv

Bonus: Quarterly Yardage Prize!

A great competition can make you hungry! So, we decided to up the ante for the elite team member who gains the most yardage each quarter of our game. Our quarterly yardage winner will enjoy some great steaks or burgers. Gift basket contents include . . .

gskin Bowl Filet from Gift Basket4 (5 oz.) Butcher’s Cut Filet Mignons
4 Boneless Chicken Breasts (1 lb. pkg.)
4 (4 oz.) Boneless Pork Chops
4 (4 oz.) Omaha Steaks Burgers
4 (3 oz.) Gourmet Jumbo Franks
1 (12 oz. pkg.) All-Beef Meatballs
4 (3.81 oz.) Individual Scalloped Potatoes
4 (4 oz.) Caramel Apple Tartlets
1 (1 oz. jar) Signature Seasoning

Periods are:

October 4 – October 31 – announced on November 6.
November 1 – November 28 – announced on December 4.
November 29 – December 26 – announced on January 1, 2021.

Please note: It is the quarterly yardage that makes you the winner. That means that at the end of each quarter, all team members start with a clean slate and advance in yardage to become that quarterly winner.