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Having a career at Fidelity On Call is a very rewarding experience.  You will find that you are employed by a team of professionals who want nothing but your success.  And, when you are at an assignment where other Fidelity On Call nurses are, you will notice that you are part of an elite team of hand-picked traveling nurses.




Fidelity On Call offers contract assignments at quality hospitals in Illinois and throughout the United States.  We provide top pay, benefits, bonuses and a support system on which you can rely. Contract assignments also include tax free daily allowances, housing and end of contract bonuses.


All contract assignments are confirmed with a written contract.  We are true to our commitments to our team.  If we tell you we are going to do something for you, you can be assured that is what we will do – and, we are not reluctant to put it in writing!


Fidelity On Call has been successful because we have a partnership philosophy with those hospitals we serve.  We match your talents with their needs to become a seamless part of their operation.


We would never ask you to take an assignment for which you are not qualified. We will also never present you to a customer without your approval. Our goal is to ensure you have an enjoyable, successful experience. If there are challenges with your assignment, we are here to assist you and work through them.


Working for Fidelity On Call provides you with wonderful learning experiences as you go from hospital to hospital. You enjoy both personal and professional growth.  And, you are free to take time off between contracts, if desired.




We are always seeking quality, caring RNs.  We have openings on every hospital floor.  To find out more, call us today and see what we can do for you!
Call us at 309-691-1500.


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What Our Employees Are Saying … 


“You are a great company to work for-you have made me feel valued.”

“You’re there when I need you.”

“If I ever have a comment, Fidelity takes it seriously and always gets back to me.”

“Before my assignment is done, you’re already there with the next opportunity.”





“You are always thinking of your employees and ways to make their jobs better.”

“Thanks for all the hard work you do and for being so supportive and encouraging.”

“Thank you all for the efforts in your team approach to make this a great company to work for.”

“Fidelity On Call is truly an outstanding organization.  You have given me the experience and inspiration needed in my life!”

“You are real angels- I love working with all of you!”

“I appreciate everything you do for me.”

“No matter what department I need to talk to, you help me out and make me feel special.”

“I just got my anniversary gift. Thanks!”

“Everyone is so organized and your communication is great.”




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