Having a career at Fidelity On Call is a very rewarding experience. You will find that you are employed by a team of professionals who want nothing but your success. And, when you are at an assignment where other Fidelity On Call nurses are, you will find that you are part of an elite team of hand-picked travelers. We don’t hire everybody who wants to work for us. We are selective. Quality, caring professional are what we are looking for.


All contract assignments are confirmed with a written contract. We are true to our commitments to our team. If we tell you we are going to do something for you, you can be assured that is what we will do – an, we are not reluctant to put it in writing! You will receive top pay, tax-free allowances, bonuses, benefits and the professional respect you deserve.

We are always seeking quality, caring RNs. We have openings on every hospital floor. To find our more, call us at 309-691-11500.  And, be sure to “like” us on Facebook!

Contact us to  Submit Your Qualifications

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