Since our inception in 1994, Fidelity On Call has been committed to quality when serving our customers.  That’s why so many hospitals throughout the U.S. have come to trust us when they need top-quality RN’s.

Our staff of RN’s has been thoroughly vetted to ensure we supply our customers with top-quality.

We will not hire a nurse with a disciplined license, whose references are not stellar, or one who has a poor work history.

Choose to work with us:

Contract (most contracts are for 13-week assignments)

If you have an opening that you need filled, simply tell us what it is.We will only present candidates that meet your specific job description, who are willing to work at your facility, who have a positive can-do attitude and who are proven professionals.Most of our contracts are for 13 week assignments; however, we will work to supply your need if the contract is for a longer or shorter period.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Great teamwork! Your staff goes the extra mile to keep all our patients happy and well cared for.”

“After having nurses from Fidelity On Call, we will only use you.  You are the best!”

“Fidelity’s OR nurses are very knowledgeable with great attitudes.  They have both great skills circulating and scrubbing and they worked well with everyone.  I only wish they were our permanent employees!”

“We encountered one of God’s special angels in your nurse.  I will never forget her!”  Fidelity’s nurses have exceptional attitudes and are always willing to help out.  They are dependable and adapt well.”

“Your nurses are a positive influence on our ICU unit.”

“Your professional easy way of dealing with me and my staff is much appreciated.  Your staff is doing a great job for us and is mixing in well.”

“Your nurses are very professional and skilled.  We are impressed with Fidelity On Call nurses.

“Your nurses were a fantastic help and our staff can’t stop talking about them!  They all performed as if they were our regular staff.”

“We value Fidelity On Call and you are the ONLY agency that we will use.  Our staff loves working with your nurses.”

“Thank you so much for facilitating my request.  I really appreciate what you have done.  Fidelity On Call was wonderful at filling my unique request!”

“I cannot express how very professional everyone in your office is when I call.  They are very friendly, upbeat and efficient.  Not only do you assign us great staff, but the staff in your office is second to none and just top notch.  You make my job easy and enjoyable.”

“You have sent us excellent nurses with excellent skills.  They work well with everyone here.”

“It is a pleasure to work with your nurses.  They are ambitious and hard working.”

“Your nurse has strong technical and clinical skills. She learned quickly and integrated well with our staff.”

Your ER nurse was amazing.  We received a newly married couple who were in their 70’s after they were involved in a car crash.  As their assigned nurse, he went above and beyond by calling several car companies to try to find them a rental so they could continue their journey.  After finding out that one could not be obtained until the following day, he took to upon himself to take them to a motel and put them up overnight.

“Your nurses were outstanding in meeting both our mother’s needs and also ours, her grieving daughters, in getting through the death of our 93 year-old mother.  Your nurses kept us informed and responded to our requests regarding mom’s physical needs.  They gave us support, empathy and regard. We applaud them and thank you for employing these fine women.”

“WOW! What a lady my nurse was.  Her care and kindness is shown by her smile and knowledge.  If bonuses are given, she deserves a BIG ONE!”

“I would like to say that all of your staff on my floor are very caring people and they took very good care of me during my stay.  One nurse (Fidelity On Call nurse indicated) just made me feel so good.  As she was taking care of me, I just knew I was going to heal and be OK.  She deserves an outstanding award.”

“The outstanding skills of this nurse are excellent.  She is a role model for everyone. Two years ago I lost my left leg.  They are now taking my right.  She has given me kindness and taken care of me like I was her own. She knows her job inside and out. Most of all she has given me a reason to believe in myself and the hope I need.  I will never forget her!

Contact us:

Call our General Sales Manager, Kellie Short at 309-691-1500. (M-F 8-4:30 CST)

Submit a request for services here.

Contact us here for details.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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