03-Stay in Control

Facilities: Stay in Control

When you are working with a travel nurse agency, how do you maintain control over who is coming into your facility? Learn how the process works, whether you allow us to select the nurse for you, or you select the candidate yourself. If you need a staffing solution, please give us a call. We’d be … Continue reading Facilities: Stay in Control

ife Line Pilots Lindsey Kerr

Learn About LifeLine Pilots

We asked Lindsay Kerr, Executive Director of  Lifeline Pilots, to tell us more about their organization. We believe that all the health care facilities and workers that follow us need to know about what they do. Lifeline Pilots is a nonprofit, that provides free air transportation for people who need medical or humanitarian care far … Continue reading Learn About LifeLine Pilots

Business Development Manager

Facilities: Business Development Manager

The relationship you have with your business development manager at a travel nurse agency is critical. Learn what to expect and how we assist facilities that work with us directly. If you need a staffing solution, please give us a call. We’d be happy to help. (309) 691-1500 This video is part of Fidelity On … Continue reading Facilities: Business Development Manager

First Time User

Facilities: First Time User

How can first time users best prepare for working with a travel nurse agency? As a first time user, before you pick a back up team, you’re going to want to ask lots of questions. We share what those questions are – and provide our answers to them. If you need a staffing solution, please … Continue reading Facilities: First Time User

travel nurse manage stress

6 Ways for Travel Nurses to Manage Stress

Today, life is not what we would call normal. Prior to 2020’s pandemic, we all went about our lives without much thought to what was happening in our country and the world.  We handled the day-to-day stress of home and job in a much different way than we can right now. Now, we no longer … Continue reading 6 Ways for Travel Nurses to Manage Stress

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