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Travel Nurse vs Staff Nurse

Comparing a travel nurse to a staff nurse is really like comparing an apple to an orange. Both are fruit, both are good for your health, but each still has differences. TRAVEL NURSES: ✔ Enjoy the change in environment (typical change in assignments every 13 weeks; you may be offered to extend, or you can … Continue reading Travel Nurse vs Staff Nurse

We belive in you

We Believe in You

When we say we’ve got your back… WE TRULY have got your back. I think we can all agree, that shifting the blame happens in all lines of work.  A lot of people have a hard time taking responsibility for their own mistakes, errors, or shortcomings. It takes an emotionally intelligent person to be able … Continue reading We Believe in You

customer service

The Lost Art of Customer Service

Have you ever had the experience of calling into a company, getting a robot and being asked what feels like a million questions to get to where you really want to go? Sometimes that robot gives you unsolicited information that is a total waste of time before you can even move forward. Then, after all … Continue reading The Lost Art of Customer Service

Calling in

Calling in… When, Why, and Why Not?

Attendance is a very critical component in any industry. Healthcare is no different. Although, let’s face it, hospital policies have been wild and all over the place due to Rona. Attendance in travel nursing has always been paramount due to the fact that our travel nurses are considered the backup team. Now comes the pandemic. … Continue reading Calling in… When, Why, and Why Not?

Christmas Stories

Christmas Story Time from Fidelity On Call

The Fidelity On Call team went all to get everyone in the holiday spirit. Grab some hot chocolate (and plenty of Christmas cookies), and gather ’round for some fun short stories. Some you may have heard before, some not. But we’re sure you’ll think they are all classic! Featuring: Carla reading “Dear, Santa” Sara reading … Continue reading Christmas Story Time from Fidelity On Call

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