travel nurse stories: Tax free allowances. Caution..if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Travel Nurse Stories: Tax-Free Allowances

“How could this happen. I owe thousands of dollars in taxes!” By January 31 of every year, your W-2 is in the mail. And, every year we hear and read about travel nurses who are in panic mode because the taxes taken out of their wages are not enough to cover what is owed. Some … Continue reading Travel Nurse Stories: Tax-Free Allowances

25 Outstanding Comments

25 Ways Our Travel Nurses Get Outstanding Comments

We are often asked what it takes to get outstanding customer comments on our travel nurse team. Here is a small sampling: 1 They have strong clinical skills. _________ 2 They are willing to go above and beyond. _________ 3 They truly enjoy taking the best care of their patients. _________ 4 They work well … Continue reading 25 Ways Our Travel Nurses Get Outstanding Comments

25 reasons to love travel nursing plus a few extras

25 Reasons to Love Travel Nursing

We asked our team of travel nurses what they liked best about Travel Nursing. Here are some of their responses. 1 I think the main thing I love about travel nursing is diversity. I get the opportunity to work with different people, in different settings, and with different policies and protocols every few months! It … Continue reading 25 Reasons to Love Travel Nursing

25 Lessons Learned about Travel Nursing

25 Lessons Learned

After being in business for 25 years, we’ve learned a lot! Here are some of the lessons learned about travel nursing that have stood the test of time. 1 Not every great nurse makes a great traveler. _________ 2 Not all travel nurses make great Fidelity On Call travel nurses. _________ 3 Trust only those … Continue reading 25 Lessons Learned

25 New Year' Resolutions

25 New Year’s Resolutions

Fidelity On Call has reached its 25th Anniversary year and we are celebrating with all things “25.” As we get ready to begin a new year, here are 25 resolutions we encourage travel nurses to consider: 1 I will take care of myself this year as proactively as I take care of my patients and … Continue reading 25 New Year’s Resolutions