Travel Healthcare Professionals are NOT your Enemies Part 1

Travel Healthcare Professionals are NOT your Enemies Part 1

Healthcare facilities have utilized supplemental staffing professionals for over four decades. Fidelity On Call is going into its third decade of providing highly trained registered nurses along with highly skilled Allied health professionals. There are a lot of misconceptions regarding travel healthcare professionals, and we are here to set the record straight. We are not enemies of the staff employees, nor is our agency the enemy of the hospital. We are simply there to be a seamless part of your organization and solve your staffing crisis on a temporary basis or for as long as you need us and our team’s help.


⮚ Travel employees are here to replace a staff person’s job.

⮚ Travel healthcare professionals are inept and not experienced.

⮚ Travel healthcare professionals are making way more money than staff.

⮚ Travel healthcare professionals are not dependable.


⮚ Travel employees CHOOSE to be travel and not staff for a multitude of reasons. They are only there to help for a specific period.

⮚ Travel healthcare professionals have at minimum one year of experience. Often, they have several years of experience.

⮚ Comparing staff pay to travel pay is not possible due to all the varying factors that apply.

⮚ As a facility’s back-up team, travel employees know they are held to a very high standard.

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