Why Do You Ask For So Many Health Documents

Why Do You Ask For So Many Health Documents?

A question we often get is, “Why do we ask for so many health documents?”

The short answer is that Fidelity On Call has governing bodies to answer to. In fact, any reputable healthcare agency would have the same. Here in Illinois, we have:

✔ Illinois Department of Labor Health requirements
✔ Joint Commission
✔ Healthcare Facility Clients

You may find it interesting that every healthcare facility we work with requires different health documentation. In a perfect world it would be one unified list of requirements but, as you likely know from working IN healthcare, that is not the case.

To the point, our onboarding team here at Fidelity On Call is second to none. They streamline the entire process. So, while initially the request for information may seem overwhelming, when you work with one of our experienced healthcare onboarding professionals, they will walk you through resourcing and obtaining most things you already have, and if not, they will arrange for you to get what you need! It really is that simple. Also, they will save those items into your electronic file for future use should you need them!

Here are the basics you will need:

✔ Annual Physical
✔ Annual one step TB
✔ Covid/Flu Documentation or Declination
✔ Hep B (Series, titer or declination)
✔ MMR & Varicella (either two vaccines or titers showing immunity)
✔ Tdap within the last 10 years

As you can see, all these items you had to provide when starting nursing school. For some you may recall, for others you may not remember. WE CAN and WILL HELP!