What Does It Mean to Be on the Elite Team?

When you work for Fidelity On Call, you are part of a select team of hand-picked travelers who provide the best of care to those that we serve. We asked some of our travel nurses to share what it means to be part of the elite team.

In this story, Dana says being a member of our elite team means that when you are assigned somewhere, people know they can trust you, and count on you.

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Fidelity On Call’s Series on Travel Nursing

Welcome to Fidelity On Call’s series where we discuss all things related to travel nursing. We’ll answer frequently asked questions and share tips on how to make the most of your travel nursing career.

Our series is co-hosted by: Kellie Short, Sr Recruiting Specialist and General Sales Manager; and Carla Edwards, Recruiting Specialist.

Segment 1: Attitude | Fidelity On Call’s Series on Travel Nursing

In this episode, Kellie and Carla talk about the importance of having a good attitude, and share why it’s a big factor for the members of our elite team of travel nurses.

Segment 2: Holidays | Fidelity On Call’s Series on Travel Nursing

The holidays are coming, will you be working or not? Kellie and Carla discuss what a travel nurse can expect.

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Travel Nurse Stories: What Made You Choose Fidelity On Call?

There are over 2,000 travel nursing agencies across the country. So we asked some members of our elite team of travel nurses what made them choose Fidelity On Call?

In this story, Dana says she chose us in part because of our recruiting efforts! Also, because she reached out to some nurses she’d gone to school with who worked for us and heard good things from them.

In this story, In this story, Sue says she had worked with our company while on staff at a faciity, and was impressed with our reputation, response, and the quality of our team members.

In this story, Lonna says none of the agencies she worked for before had the personal care, and the personal support we’ve provided. offered here. Lonna considers us family!

While on staff at a facility, Grace really enjoyed working with one of our travel nurses, Chad. She said he was the kind of nurse everyone wanted to be. Grace realized she could be that person too, and reached out to us.

A friend who worked at a hospital told Xavier the nurses that came from Fidelity On Call were capable and professional. Knowing this made Xavier come to us when he started thinking about making the move.

Stephanie says we had great reviews, not only from nurses, but also from local hospitals, which made it an easy choice.

Tyler said being based in Peoria, working for us allowed him to travel locally…though he liked there was an option to travel nationally if he wanted to.

Charis says with most of the travel agencies, you call 800 numbers and deal with people who are impersonal and pushy. She appreciates that at Fidelity On Call, she can talk with us face-to-face.

Clayton says he’d heard good things about our company from a co-worker. After speaking with his recruiter, Clayton felt at ease and decided he didn’t need to search any further

Holly says there’s so many travel companies out there, but you don’t ever meet your recruiter, or know who owns the company…you know nothing about them. What she likes about Fidelity On call is that it’s very personal, and she knows everybody.

Travel Nurse Stories: What Made You Switch to Travel?

Our Travel Nurse Stories series continues…

For this segment, we asked some members of our elite team of travel nurses what made them consider switching to travel vs working directly at a hospital? Here are their responses.

Charis says that while she enjoyed being in the float pool at the hospital, she didn’t always like that level of chaos. Traveling provides her the same opportunity of having lots of different experiences without the constant change.

Clayton says frustration over not being allowed to use his paid vacation days at a hospital pushed him to make the switch to travel nursing.

In this story, Dana says she wasn’t getting compensated for all the extra hours she was working while in management, and found the pay to be better through our agency.

Grace was 2 years in to working at a hospital and thought she needed more years of experience to move to traveling. Her interview with Fidelity On Call, made her realize she was very capable and gave her the confidence to make the change.

In this story, Holly says when she was working for a facility as a staff nurse, they were low census for several months and kept getting sent home. So it was very attractive to her to have guaranteed hours and not have to worry about getting called off.

Sue tells Carla that working for Fidelity On Call gives her the opportunity to learn new things, meet new people, and have new experiences.

In this story, Tyler says he knew he had a skill set that he could provide to other hospitals, and traveling allowed him to share his knowledge.

In this story, Xavier says he got to a point where he really wanted to grow, but the environment he was in didn’t seem to be expanding. Making the change to travel has provided him the opportunity to have new experiences.

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What’s The Difference?

We are often asked, “What’s the difference when I work for Fidelity On Call vs. staying at the hospital?” Here is a quick glance that highlights some of these differences.

Working Directly at Hospital

Your shifts are posted. If the census goes low enough, you could be called off or laid off.
You become involved in the politics of the facility.
You take the job home with you.
You have to ask for time off and all vacations.
You don’t have the freedom to choose.
You could be on the same floor forever.

Working for Fidelity On Call

You have freedom and flexibility to choose the hospital you work at.
You leave at the end of the day knowing you made a difference in the lives of so many people.
You can leave the politics at the facility and not take them home.
You are guaranteed hours – you can’t be called off and you know when your contract ends.
You are never alone on an assignment – we are standing firmly with you and have your back.
You meet new people . . . make new friends.
You are part of a highly respected, elite team of nurses.
You continue to grow your nursing skills.
You can take time off between assignments for vacations or personal business.
You make more money.
You receive a tax-free allowances and bonuses.
You have excellent benefits.

If you have questions or are thinking about changing career paths, call us or message us today!