How to START your Travel Healthcare Professional Career Part 2

As we mentioned in PART ONE, thirty years in the healthcare travel industry gives our experienced, professional healthcare recruiters knowledge that so many others do not yet have.

Once you have researched agencies, connected with a recruiter, and have some clinical experience under your belt you should follow these next steps:

  • CREATE your RESUME: While you will be or should be required to complete an employment application with any reputable agency you seek, it is always a great idea to have an up-to-date resume to ship over to your recruiter to save you both time and energy. Detailed work histories are not only important in the process but required by every potential client.
  • PREPARE your DOCUMENTATION: Gather necessary documentation like transcripts, licenses, certifications, and immunization records. Every facility has unique requirements for a traveler to work in their facility, but the above items are wanted by every facility. The rest will come when the onboarding and credentialing team know the location selected.
  • Location and Housing Options: Perhaps you wish to start traveling locally or at minimum in the same state. Discuss what you need for housing and what is available. Perhaps you wish to work housing out on your own. You may also want to use the agency housing specialist to set it up on your behalf.

Now is the time. Reach out to one of our experienced recruiters to get all your questions answered. Leave us a message or call (309) 691-1500. You can also check us out and chat with us on our social networking sites.

How to START your Travel Healthcare Professional Career Part 1

This year Fidelity On Call will celebrate its 30th year in the industry. We have a team of the best healthcare professional recruiters in the industry and partner with some of the best healthcare facilities in the country. With that background, we want you to be a success in your travel career so we are sharing – over several posts – some information for selecting your travel company.

  • Research Agencies: Explore reputable travel nursing agencies. Get to know their length of time in business, payroll practices, reviews, and benefits offered.
  • Connect with Recruiters: Reach out to recruiters at the travel nursing agencies you’re interested in. Discuss your preferences, goals, and availability. Be transparent and ensure the agency allows you to switch recruiters if needed.
  • Gain Experience: You will need to acquire at least one to two years of clinical experience in your chosen specialty. Travel nursing requires experienced professionals and an experienced recruiter can help navigate this with you. We have many future RNs who reach out to us. We will keep you in our files and answer questions as you gain the experience you need in order to travel.

Start the research today! It’s a new year, new month. Now is the time. Reach out now to one of our experienced recruiters and ask all the questions. Contact us or call (309) 691-1500. You can also check us out and chat with us on our socials.

Are You Pursuing Your Dream Career?

Defining a dream career requires a nuanced understanding of the disparity between a mere job and a fulfilling career. Typically, a job is perceived as a position of employment, while a career is viewed as an occupation or profession, often demanding specialized training and serving as one’s lifelong pursuit.

Unfortunately, many healthcare professionals find themselves trapped in the routine of viewing their career as merely a job—a cycle of clocking in and out far, removed from the envisioned fulfilling path.

When healthcare professionals pursued their licenses or certifications, they were driven by the vision of a fulfilling career, persevering through demanding study sessions, late nights, and early mornings while balancing full- or part-time jobs. However, the reality they now face often feels more like a nightmare and a political charade rather than the dream they had hoped to achieve.

Many healthcare workers are facing overwhelming challenges due to feelings of depression, anxiety, and resentment. These emotions have made it difficult for them to continue in their roles, leading to a significant shortage of staff across the country.

In response, many healthcare professionals have discovered a sense of comfort in pursuing travel healthcare as their “dream” job. Although working for an agency may not have been their original career intention, it has become the preferred path for millions of satisfied healthcare professionals over the past four decades.

The appeal of the travel healthcare industry is rooted in the sense of freedom, flexibility, and stability it provides. For those who prioritize financial considerations, travel healthcare offers the freedom and flexibility to regain control, placing the professional back in the driver’s seat and reigniting the once-bright dream.

If you’re yearning to pursue your dream and are searching for more freedom, flexibility, and a balanced work-life approach, look no further. Connect with one of Fidelity On Call’s experienced and professional healthcare recruitment specialists to explore how we can help you attain the dream career you deserve.

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Travel Healthcare Professionals are NOT your Enemies Part 2

Healthcare professionals choose to work for reputable healthcare travel agencies for a multitude of reasons, including the freedom and flexibility offered to choose various units, locations, extended time periods off, and so much more.

An agency partners with healthcare facilities to offer them staffing solutions on a temporary basis.

The mission of Fidelity On Call is to be a seamless part of their organization. We are not there to reinvent the wheel, but rather to keep them operating as smoothly and seamlessly as possible.


⮚ A healthcare facility has no control over who the agency sends to them.

⮚ Facilities believe the cost is too high to use supplemental staffing.

⮚ Healthcare facilities are fearful that too much training and orientation is required for a short period of time.

⮚ The belief is that supplemental staffing personnel are not qualified.


⮚ A reputable agency in professional healthcare staffing will not only provide the healthcare facility the complete professional work history, but also professional references and a thorough completed skills assessment and can arrange for phone interviews with candidates, if they would prefer.

⮚ In fact, when balanced out over time, hospital administration has learned that the cost of an employee vs. the cost of a supplemental staff member is not that far off and, in many cases, saves the facility money over time.

⮚ Accredited healthcare staffing agencies ensure that they are skills matching travelers to the position needed. Outside of the basic lay of the land travelers require very little orientation.

⮚ Again, accredited agencies are hiring professionals that are reference checked, skill checked in every possible way with national background checks, a drug screen, employment physicals etc. to ensure the person is not only qualified but highly qualified to help fill the staffing shortage.

If you have questions or would want to talk with us further, we are always available (309) 691-1500.

Travel Healthcare Professionals are NOT your Enemies Part 1

Healthcare facilities have utilized supplemental staffing professionals for over four decades. Fidelity On Call is going into its third decade of providing highly trained registered nurses along with highly skilled Allied health professionals. There are a lot of misconceptions regarding travel healthcare professionals, and we are here to set the record straight. We are not enemies of the staff employees, nor is our agency the enemy of the hospital. We are simply there to be a seamless part of your organization and solve your staffing crisis on a temporary basis or for as long as you need us and our team’s help.


⮚ Travel employees are here to replace a staff person’s job.

⮚ Travel healthcare professionals are inept and not experienced.

⮚ Travel healthcare professionals are making way more money than staff.

⮚ Travel healthcare professionals are not dependable.


⮚ Travel employees CHOOSE to be travel and not staff for a multitude of reasons. They are only there to help for a specific period.

⮚ Travel healthcare professionals have at minimum one year of experience. Often, they have several years of experience.

⮚ Comparing staff pay to travel pay is not possible due to all the varying factors that apply.

⮚ As a facility’s back-up team, travel employees know they are held to a very high standard.

If you have questions or would like additional information, please feel free to contact us at (309) 691-1500.