6 Ways for Travel Nurses to Manage Stress

Today, life is not what we would call normal. Prior to 2020’s pandemic, we all went about our lives without much thought to what was happening in our country and the world.  We handled the day-to-day stress of home and job in a much different way than we can right now.

Now, we no longer know what each day will bring.  In our industry, there has been extra turmoil. People are angry. They are more easily upset. Patients are combative. Things that would have previously “rolled off our backs” no longer do so.

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Fidelity On Call’s Series on Travel Nursing

Welcome to Fidelity On Call’s series where we discuss all things related to travel nursing. We’ll answer frequently asked questions and share tips on how to make the most of your travel nursing career.

Our series is co-hosted by: Kellie Short, Sr Recruiting Specialist and General Sales Manager; and Carla Edwards, Recruiting Specialist.

Segment 1: Attitude | Fidelity On Call’s Series on Travel Nursing

In this episode, Kellie and Carla talk about the importance of having a good attitude, and share why it’s a big factor for the members of our elite team of travel nurses.

Segment 2: Holidays | Fidelity On Call’s Series on Travel Nursing

The holidays are coming, will you be working or not? Kellie and Carla discuss what a travel nurse can expect.

Segment 3: Allowances | Fidelity On Call’s Series on Travel Nursing

In this episode, Kellie and Carla talk about tax-free allowances. Some agencies offer packages with big tax free-allowances, but don’t mention you’ll have to pay it back to the IRS!

Segment 4: The Love of the Patient | Fidelity On Call’s Series on Travel Nursing

In this episode, Kellie and Carla talk about our mission and some of the traits we are looking for when considering a travel nurse to be on our elite team. Plus, Carla tells a touching story about how one of our nurses went the extra mile with a patient’s family.

Segment 5: Our Team Organization | Fidelity On Call’s Series on Travel Nursing

In this episode, Kellie and Carla talk our team organization and how we set a higher standard for ourselves to bring the best opportunities to our elite team of nurses.

Segment 6: Why Travel Nursing?

In this episode, Kellie and Carla talk about some great advantages to becoming a travel nurse including: Flexibility, getting to choose your next assignment, opportunities to learn and grow, and more.

Segment 7: Adapting to Change

In this episode, Kellie and Carla talk about how being able to adapt to change is important for a traveler to be successful.

Segment 8: Integrity

In this episode, Kellie and Carla talk about the integrity and the principles that Fidelity On Call holds true, and why upholding that mission has been so important since our inception in 1994.

Special Segment: Allied Health Openings

Kellie and Carla share about the opportunities that Fidelity On Call has – not just for nursing! There are openings right now with allied positions ranging from Respiratory Therapist, Surgical Tech, X-Ray Tech, LPN and more. Give us a call! (309) 691-1500.

Segment 09: Red Flags

In this episode, Kellie and Carla talk about red flags. As nurse recruiters, these are the things we hear most often that travel nurses need to watch out for…

Segment 10: Client Red Flags

We work with hundreds of hospitals in the state of Illinois. In this episode, Kellie and Carla talk about concerns clients share with us, that are red flag issues they’ve had with other agencies and travelers.

Segment 11: Team Support

Our recruiting team doesn’t just back up our team, we coach, mentor, and support them In this episode, Kellie and Carla talk about some of the ways we are there for the travel nurses on our elite team.

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Resolution Ideas for 2021

As we move toward 2021, we know that the typical thing is to do our “New Year’s Resolutions.” After 2020, we have a whole new list:

Stop doom scrolling on Twitter.

Live my best life and only buy pants with no buttons or zippers.

Sign up for a marathon but don’t actually run.

Remember to make overnight oats the night before even though I know I won’t want to eat them in the morning.

Go on a vitamin and supplement shopping spree and finish at least one bottle before giving up.

Make a viral reel making fun of TikTok.

Unfriend every person who shares their unsolicited diet or exercise regimen.

Do so much yoga that it actually justifies wearing yoga pants 24/7.

Read more (or at least turn the subtitles on while binge-watching TV).

Don’t text that toxic person back. You know the one. We all have one.

Eat more tacos.

Stay in the bathroom while brushing my teeth.

Stop drinking orange juice after I’ve brushed my teeth.

Stop daring people to lick frozen flagpoles.

Floss every day — and not just with wild abandon in the week leading up to a cleaning.

Stop lying to myself about following New Year’s resolutions.

Stop making resolutions.

And last but not least – find all the left over 2020 calendars and burn them!

Travel Nurse Stories: Group Insurance

“I need a new company to work for. I was told I have group insurance, but I really don’t.”

When we grew up our parents always said, “You need to be a person of your word. If you say it, you do it!” I think everyone probably grew up hearing that same message; however, it doesn’t always carry through to adulthood.

We have had many travel nurses call us to say they were told they had group health insurance coverage only to discover that their coverage was supplemental insurance.

We recently received a call from a travel nurse looking for a new company to work for. She had been told she had group insurance. Since she hadn’t received her insurance card and needed to use it, she called her company.

At that point, she was told by her recruiter that she did NOT have any insurance coverage. Personally, we have no idea why anyone would mislead an employee.

It certainly doesn’t make for a long-term relationship. However, once again, that recruiter – charged with a certain quota – filled a position.

But, there are companies that do offer group insurance and Fidelity On Call certainly does. It is solid coverage and is available to not only our travel nurses but their families as well. Ours also includes prescription cards.

We encourage you to always thoroughly check out the company you plan to travel for and make sure they are people who “say it and do it!”

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11 Things We are Thankful For in 2020

To say it’s been a challenging year is an understatement. Our travel nurses have been greatly impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Throughout it, our team stayed, and continues to stay strong.

One of the things about our elite team, is that we find the good, even in times of adversity.

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, here are 11 things we are thankful for…

1. We are thankful that in 2020 we survived the chaos that went into this year – starting with Covid-19 and ending with the Presidential Election.

2. We are thankful the World Health Organization chose to make 2020 the “Year of the Nurse.” This is such a deserved recognition in a year where our team (and nurses everywhere) was repeatedly called on to go above and beyond the norm. We are so proud of our Elite Team!

3. We are so grateful for our internal office team. 2020 has had its share of “chaotic” in it. But, throughout it all, we worked together as a strong team.

4. We are so thankful we were deemed essential business and only had to modify the way we worked during the initial coronavirus shutdown.

5. We are grateful that we maintained a healthy team – both in the field and in the office.

6. We are grateful there are only 49 days from November 1 (time fell back) to December 21 (shortest day of the year) – that is when the days start to gradually get longer and the “lights” come back on in the evening.

7. We are thankful that, through our efforts with the Fidelity On Call Food Fight, we were able to provide $36,000 of food to people in our community. That is a huge impact!

8. We are thankful for our family and friends who love, support and encourage us on a daily basis.

9. We are thankful for a break in the day when we actually get lunch.

10. We are grateful for days when we don’t have to set an alarm.

11. And, for our last “thank you” we are so totally grateful that come Thanksgiving, 2020 will be over in 35 days!