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Healthcare Professionals Questions

Healthcare Facilities Questions



Healthcare Professionals

How much experience do I need before I can work for your agency?

RNs, you need to a minimum of one year experience in a hospital setting.

Do I need experience in many different types of medical settings?

No. We will assess your skills to ensure that you are a match to the needs of our client, their position and their facility. We want to ensure that you have a very successful assignment each and every time and will not place you on an assignment that does not match your level of skill.


Do you offer benefits to your field staff members?

Yes. As a member of our Contract/Travel team we offer competitive salaries, daily allowances, end of contract bonuses, health insurance, free dental, free life and professional liability insurance, referral bonuses up to $2500, direct deposit and more.


Do you provide continuing education opportunities?

Yes. After you have worked 2 successfully fulfilled contracts with us, we offer $200 annually toward continuing (medical) education or certifications or CEUs.


Do you provide housing for travel contracts?

Yes. You have several options depending on availability: hotel, apartment, hospital dorm, and allowance in lieu of housing. We will work with you to find the best possible situation for your needs.



What types of assignments do you offer?

We offer Contract/Travel on a local or national level.


Can I work close to home over the school year and out of the state over the summer?

Yes. The wonderful benefit of working with Fidelity On Call is that we work for and with you. Tell us what your availability is and we will strive to help place you on an appropriate assignment. We are a national company that offers assignment opportunities in multiple locations within the United States.


What are the lengths of your contracts?

Our most common contract is 13 weeks (3 months) long. We do give our clients the opportunity to request a shorter or longer contract although we prefer to have a minimum of 13 weeks. We have had contracts that last well over one year and some as short as four weeks.


Why would I go from a permanent position to a staffing company?

Many of our team members appreciate the fact that they get to provide high quality patient care while avoiding the internal politics of the facility to which they are assigned.

Do you require that I work weekends?

For a contract assignment, you will know in advance if there is a weekend requirement and, if so, what it is. As always, the more flexible you are the more opportunities you will have from which to choose.


Why would I go from my permanent position to a staffing company?

Some medical professionals enjoy helping a multitude of facilities that are in need. You have an opportunity to gain new skills, make new friends and visit new geographic locations.

One great benefit to working with Fidelity On Call is that you are never alone at our client facilities. We are there with you!


I have never worked for an agency before. In what way will you help me learn the ropes?

We will never put you in a situation you can’t handle since we are extremely careful to ensure your skills match the job assignment. During our orientation process, you will learn how to be a success and what is expected of you. We teach you how to complete the critical circle of communication between the client, you and us.

We will prepare you with any information we have about our client facility, unit and best practices so that you will be able to hit the ground running.


What types of facilities do you staff and where are they located?

Our client base consists of hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s offices, industrial facilities, occupational clinics, therapy clinics, surgery centers, outreach laboratories, mobile units, educational facilities and many more!


Will I receive an orientation (agency, hospital, floor)?

Our in-office staff works very closely with the client and your facility supervisor to ensure that you receive the proper orientation, training and assistance at all times. If there is ever a situation where you feel more training is needed, let us know. We will make sure you receive the extra assistance.



Healthcare Facilities

What sets you apart from other medical staffing companies?

Our philosophy and length of time in business. Fidelity has been providing staffing solutions to the medical industry since 1994. We have built a reputation within the communities we serve as being an honest, trustworthy employer of quality medical staff.

We do not hire professionals whose license has been disciplined. And, we continually keep all of our personnel records updated so if you need access to any of the information you can be assured that it is current.

We have a code of conduct that our employees live by. They are in your facility to provide the best of patient care and to be a seamless part of your operation.

We would be happy to provide you with references who can attest to our level of integrity and quality.


What services do you provide?


Staff provided for a guaranteed period of time. Our standard contract length is 13 weeks, however, we have helped clients with contracts both shorter and longer in length.


How do we get started?

If we do not already have a contract with your facility, we would like to assess your needs and forward a contract. Please contact us.

We recommend that you contact our HR Development Manager, Kellie Short, at (309) 691-1500 during normal business hours

8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (CST) Monday – Friday.

Submit a request for services here.

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