Technology and Change is good, til it’s NOT!

One of our travelers recently showed us a few apps being used by other companies to hire nurses. These apps have no recruiters involved and no personal screening. Just an app! Concerns and red flags popped up on so many levels. Sure, the app was slick. However, what quality checks are done and how are they done? Literally any nurse (this app specifically targeted nurses) could download the app, enter their information, upload some forms, and immediately gets jobs assigned to them. There were not credible references done and no verification process on what they were uploading. We found it disturbing to say the least.

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Yes, Travel Healthcare Is a Career

We recently had  one of our nurses retire after being a travel healthcare professional for 20 plus years.

It still surprises our healthcare recruiters when they are networking with candidates that the stigma of “agency work” is part time or a short-term option. It then surprises those very candidates when they learn that we have team members that have been employed by Fidelity On Call for 10 plus years.

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Tips For First Time Travel Healthcare Professionals

Fidelity On Call has been in the business of travel healthcare since 1994. We have learned a lot of tips and tricks of the trade and we believe knowledge is power. We want to share that information with healthcare professionals who are exploring the travel industry for the first time. SUCCESS is what Fidelity On Call strives for with every traveler.

GET ORGANIZED– Health documentation and complete work history are very important no matter what travel company you choose to work with and no matter what hospital you go to. For example, vaccine documentation, if you took any breaks in your professional work history etc. Keep a binder with up-to-date work history, immunizations, certifications, etcetera! Trust us when we suggest the binder or electronic record storage app.

Be Flexible to location, setting and facility. Sometimes a new traveler must have one successful contract under their belt before your desired facility/unit will allow you to be submitted. A good recruiter can help you get a contract – maybe not exactly what you want – that provides an opportunity that can then open the door to exactly what you want. It takes one successful contract to see many more doors open for you.

✓ Have a Positive Attitude! Stress is part of every job and going down the rabbit hole of negativity will 100% not help. Smile, breathe and remember you are there to be a seamless part of staffing, not part of the problem. You take care of the patients to the best of your ability and everything else really is not your problem.

✓ Always stay in contact with your Recruiter! Communication is critical in every relationship.

Travel Healthcare is such an exciting, nerve wracking, lots of questions industry. There are never too many questions you can ask to get as much information as possible before making the choice to jump in.  We have had a front row view of how this industry can be life changing for many healthcare professionals. These are just some simple tips and tricks to getting ahead of the game and to start you on the right path to success in travel healthcare