Fidelity On Call’s Series on Travel Nursing

Welcome to Fidelity On Call’s series where we discuss all things related to travel nursing. We’ll answer frequently asked questions and share tips on how to make the most of your travel nursing career.

Our series is co-hosted by: Kellie Short, Sr Recruiting Specialist and General Sales Manager; and Carla Edwards, Recruiting Specialist.

Segment 1: Attitude | Fidelity On Call’s Series on Travel Nursing

In this episode, Kellie and Carla talk about the importance of having a good attitude, and share why it’s a big factor for the members of our elite team of travel nurses.

Segment 2: Holidays | Fidelity On Call’s Series on Travel Nursing

The holidays are coming, will you be working or not? Kellie and Carla discuss what a travel nurse can expect.

Segment 3: Allowances | Fidelity On Call’s Series on Travel Nursing

In this episode, Kellie and Carla talk about tax-free allowances. Some agencies offer packages with big tax free-allowances, but don’t mention you’ll have to pay it back to the IRS!

Segment 4: The Love of the Patient | Fidelity On Call’s Series on Travel Nursing

In this episode, Kellie and Carla talk about our mission and some of the traits we are looking for when considering a travel nurse to be on our elite team. Plus, Carla tells a touching story about how one of our nurses went the extra mile with a patient’s family.

Segment 5: Our Team Organization | Fidelity On Call’s Series on Travel Nursing

In this episode, Kellie and Carla talk our team organization and how we set a higher standard for ourselves to bring the best opportunities to our elite team of nurses.

Segment 6: Why Travel Nursing?

In this episode, Kellie and Carla talk about some great advantages to becoming a travel nurse including: Flexibility, getting to choose your next assignment, opportunities to learn and grow, and more.

Segment 7: Adapting to Change

In this episode, Kellie and Carla talk about how being able to adapt to change is important for a traveler to be successful.

Segment 8: Integrity

In this episode, Kellie and Carla talk about the integrity and the principles that Fidelity On Call holds true, and why upholding that mission has been so important since our inception in 1994.

Special Segment: Allied Health Openings

Kellie and Carla share about the opportunities that Fidelity On Call has – not just for nursing! There are openings right now with allied positions ranging from Respiratory Therapist, Surgical Tech, X-Ray Tech, LPN and more. Give us a call! (309) 691-1500.

Segment 09: Red Flags

In this episode, Kellie and Carla talk about red flags. As nurse recruiters, these are the things we hear most often that travel nurses need to watch out for…

Segment 10: Client Red Flags

We work with hundreds of hospitals in the state of Illinois. In this episode, Kellie and Carla talk about concerns clients share with us, that are red flag issues they’ve had with other agencies and travelers.

Segment 11: Team Support

Our recruiting team doesn’t just back up our team, we coach, mentor, and support them In this episode, Kellie and Carla talk about some of the ways we are there for the travel nurses on our elite team.

Stay tuned for more episodes of our series on travel nursing…

What’s The Difference?

We are often asked, “What’s the difference when I work for Fidelity On Call vs. staying at the hospital?” Here is a quick glance that highlights some of these differences.

Working Directly at Hospital

Your shifts are posted. If the census goes low enough, you could be called off or laid off.
You become involved in the politics of the facility.
You take the job home with you.
You have to ask for time off and all vacations.
You don’t have the freedom to choose.
You could be on the same floor forever.

Working for Fidelity On Call

You have freedom and flexibility to choose the hospital you work at.
You leave at the end of the day knowing you made a difference in the lives of so many people.
You can leave the politics at the facility and not take them home.
You are guaranteed hours – you can’t be called off and you know when your contract ends.
You are never alone on an assignment – we are standing firmly with you and have your back.
You meet new people . . . make new friends.
You are part of a highly respected, elite team of nurses.
You continue to grow your nursing skills.
You can take time off between assignments for vacations or personal business.
You make more money.
You receive a tax-free allowances and bonuses.
You have excellent benefits.

If you have questions or are thinking about changing career paths, call us or message us today!


I’m Not Putting My Nursing License on the Line

As Fidelity On Call celebrates 25 years in business, we have heard “I’m not putting my license on the line” from more nurses than we can count. As a matter of fact, if we had just a dollar for every time, we think we would be millionaires!

Most often this comment comes with a phone call on what is happening at a facility our nurse is assigned to. Of course, our nurse is upset as something is not right – could be inadequate staffing, or the quality of care given to the patients, safety issues or problems with the nursing team or supervisors at the facility or even more critical issues.

Because we only hire top-notches nurses, we know their concerns are valid and we will work to get it corrected. But it is important to remember that a facility problem is not a reflection on the nurse’s license.

So what is it that truly “puts your license on the line?”

– A hospital has a nurse who is working in an “alerted” state – slurred speech, eyes dilated, weaving when walking. A drug test is conducted and is returned “positive” for opioids. The nurse does not have a prescription to support what was in her system. There was also sufficient evidence to show that what was in her system came should have administered to a patient. That hospital – just like Fidelity On Call – is required to report any such occurrences to the State of Illinois for investigation. In many instances, the nurse’s license will be disciplined but she will be able to keep her license. That is, unless the nurse continues to positively test for drugs and fails to do what was directed in the disciplinary hearing.

– A nurse is caught diverting hydrocodone and alprazolam (Xanax) from the hospital where she works. The pharmacy calculated she diverted almost $10,000 worth of prescription drugs over a 12-month period. She was reported. Since she failed to even appear for the hearing where her case was to be discussed, her license was revoked.

– A registered nurse, who was the director of nursing (DON), falsified documents, fabricated information, and failed to put serious issues on care plans. Upon survey, the facility received multiple citations and the DON was terminated by the facility. Her license was revoked by default when she failed to come to the hearing where the formal charges were to be discussed.

It is extremely rare to revoke a nurse’s license over a medication error, unintentional harm or deviations from standard care. Statistically, licenses get revoked due to issues revolving around addiction, impaired practice, theft, diversion, and/or failure to complete the terms of an impaired nurse program as contractually agreed at a disciplinary hearing.

You can also see from our examples that failure to show for your disciplinary hearing most likely will result in your license being revoked.

It’s Time to Blossom Out this Spring!

Oh the joy of Spring! It is so wonderful to see the tulips popping their head up through the ground, the trees starting to bud out, hearing the birds chirping, and breathing deeply to take in the fresh smell that permeates the air.

Spring gives you a new pep in your step, lift to your spirit and a chance to start a
new season in your life.

And, as with all things springing forward, have you thought about doing just that in your nursing career?

At Fidelity On Call, we work hard to make sure our travel nurses have the joys that come with truly blooming in their job.

Wouldn’t you like:

    • The freedom and flexibility to work at a hospital of your choosing?
    • To leave work at the end of the day knowing that you made a difference in the lives of so many people, but you can now go home without the stress of the hospitals politics?
    • To know that you are never alone on an assignment, but rather your company stands firmly behind you and has your back?
    • To know that you are part of a highly respected, elite team of nurses?
    • To take time off between your assignments for vacations or personal business?
    • To make more money, receive tax-free allowances, and a bonus at the end of a successful

All these things and more are possible. So, why wait? Spring forward today by calling one of our recruiters. We are waiting to hear from you! 309-691-1500.

25 Ways Our Travel Nurses Get Outstanding Comments

We are often asked what it takes to get outstanding customer comments on our travel nurse team. Here is a small sampling:

1 They have strong clinical skills.


2 They are willing to go above and beyond.


3 They truly enjoy taking the best care of their patients.


4 They work well with the team they are part of.


5 They always do the right thing because it reaps rewards.


6 They are not afraid to jump in and do their fair share.


7 They happily accept the hospital’s holiday policies and do their part.


8 They realize that they are the hospital’s ambassadors to their patients.


9 They have helpful attitudes – even when going on break -they ask if staff/their patients/patient’s family members need anything brought back.


10 They never identify themselves as anything other than a part of the hospital team.


11 They are flexible when taking lunch.


12 If there is a question or a problem, they always handle it professionally. They would never raise their voice in anger.


13 They are there to work not share personal problems or talk about other issues.


14 They don’t gossip or talk negatively about their work team, supervisor, or hospital.


15 They are dependable.


16 They are flexible when the hospital is asking them to help out and willing to flip shifts.


17 They don’t create crisis or conflict.


18 They are honest and you can believe what they tell you.


19 Even when the going gets tough, they smile and have a good attitude about getting their job done.


20 They would only call off for a legitimate emergency.


21 They can work independently while still being part of the team.


22 They appropriately document what they do.


23 They follow the policies and procedures of the company and the hospital.


24 They are great communicators. Not only with the hospital, their patients, and the hospital’s team but with our office team as well.


25 They know the bottom line is patient care. Everything they do and say is an example of excellence in patient care.