Are You Pursuing Your Dream Career?

Defining a dream career requires a nuanced understanding of the disparity between a mere job and a fulfilling career. Typically, a job is perceived as a position of employment, while a career is viewed as an occupation or profession, often demanding specialized training and serving as one’s lifelong pursuit.

Unfortunately, many healthcare professionals find themselves trapped in the routine of viewing their career as merely a job—a cycle of clocking in and out far, removed from the envisioned fulfilling path.

When healthcare professionals pursued their licenses or certifications, they were driven by the vision of a fulfilling career, persevering through demanding study sessions, late nights, and early mornings while balancing full- or part-time jobs. However, the reality they now face often feels more like a nightmare and a political charade rather than the dream they had hoped to achieve.

Many healthcare workers are facing overwhelming challenges due to feelings of depression, anxiety, and resentment. These emotions have made it difficult for them to continue in their roles, leading to a significant shortage of staff across the country.

In response, many healthcare professionals have discovered a sense of comfort in pursuing travel healthcare as their “dream” job. Although working for an agency may not have been their original career intention, it has become the preferred path for millions of satisfied healthcare professionals over the past four decades.

The appeal of the travel healthcare industry is rooted in the sense of freedom, flexibility, and stability it provides. For those who prioritize financial considerations, travel healthcare offers the freedom and flexibility to regain control, placing the professional back in the driver’s seat and reigniting the once-bright dream.

If you’re yearning to pursue your dream and are searching for more freedom, flexibility, and a balanced work-life approach, look no further. Connect with one of Fidelity On Call’s experienced and professional healthcare recruitment specialists to explore how we can help you attain the dream career you deserve.

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Freedom and Flexibility for Travel Nurses

Fidelity On Call is all about freedom and flexibility. Whatever phase you are in your healthcare career, you really are in the driver’s seat as a travel nurse! If you’re interested in travel nursing, explore our website for all your options. Message us with questions!

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Choices for Travel Nurses

Fidelity On Call is all about freedom and flexibility. If you’re burned out in the healthcare industry and looking for options, one thing that Fidelity On Call can offer you is choices. Whatever phase you are in your healthcare career, our job is to get you the job and opportunities that you want that fit this point in your life, whatever that may be. If you’re interested in becoming one of our elite team members, explore our website all your options. Message us with questions!

Change the Path You Are On

We all read and hear that there is a shortage of healthcare workers in our workforce and the numbers leaving seem to be climbing daily. We talk about mental health, patient to provider ratios, heath system politics, and all the reasons why people are choosing to leave healthcare.

With so many healthcare workers investing so much time and money in their career path, it seems unfathomable to see them leave healthcare all together.

Perhaps there is another path to consider that would allow you to fall in love with your healthcare career again. Would you like to:

  • Meet new people
  • Serve a community that is in need of someone with your professional skills
  • Work for an employer whose mission is to MAKE YOU HAPPY and find assignments that work for you
  • Develop personally and professionally
  • Enjoy work while finding balance in your work time vs time off

These are just a few ways to change your path or course of action to avoid burnout and frustration. Leaving a facility to work for a reputable travel healthcare agency is not a “risky” decision or just for the young, single, no kids, individual.

A successful healthcare agency, along with an experienced recruitment team, can work with most healthcare professionals and match them up with assignments that work for their individual circumstances.

In the end, a healthcare professional has nothing to lose in changing their path from staff work with corporate policies, to local or national travel healthcare. The following steps need to be taken:

✔ Always send an appropriate notice in writing with a minimum of two weeks notice. Notice should be sent to the direct supervisor and HR representative.

✔ Always remain professional and diligent in the remaining days you work and prepare to leave regardless of the reasons you are leaving.

✔ Request letters of recommendation from any members of the leadership you have worked with.

Leaving on professional terms will almost certainly ensure your ability to return to that facility should you find the need to go back down the road. But many travelers leave staff work and remain traveling until they retire. Others may travel for a while, return to their “home” base facility for a while and then return to travel. Again, they are back and forth as it suits their needs.

In the rare instance a healthcare professional finds travel is just not for them, they always have the option to go back to their home base or find another facility to work as staff or truly leave healthcare all together.

You do owe it to yourself and your career to change course and explore all options before choosing to leave all together.

Why wait, let us help YOU CHANGE the PATH you are on NOW!

It’s Our Golden Birthday!

We are celebrating our Golden Birthday on June 29, 2023. Fidelity On Call will be 29 years old having started in 1994!

When Fidelity was formed, we had one goal – provide the best of care for those we served. Since that time, we have never deviated from that goal.

We hire only the best – we call our travel team the ELITE TEAM. That is because we expect them to be the best. We thoroughly screen those who apply. They must have a discipline-free license, great references, and a background that shows they are quality.

It is also important that they become part of our team. Contracts are from 8-13 weeks. They could choose to leave us for another travel company or even to work directly. Although we can’t keep this from happening, we do many things to show them we are the best company to work for. Pay, bonuses and benefits are important, but we have found that professional respect and being there for them is just as important. We recognize them and give rewards – All Exceeds, Daisy Awards, Birthdays, Company Anniversaries, Nurses Week, Christmas, and even for remaining part of our team. If they have something happen in their life (birth, death, wedding), we acknowledge that. We have contests and create opportunities for them to be engaged. We also recognize them on a systematic basis. Plus, our recruiters personally know their team. They coach, counsel, encourage, and make sure our travel team members know we are in their corner as long as they are dedicated to doing their best. All this and more makes Fidelity On Call stand out from others.

We treat our travel team with respect and fairness. We treat our customers the same way. We prefer to work directly with them, but as independent facilities have been bought out to become part of large corporations, some of our customers work through VMS. In several instances, we have been successful in being “carved out” of VMS contracts and allowed to work directly. Repeatedly, we are told that we are the best. Fidelity On Call has always worked hard for our customers – and would never assign a traveler to a facility that was not an exact match for the opening. That simply means if the hospital needs a NICU nurse, that is what they will receive. They further appreciate that we never allow someone to start a contract without all the proper documentation, orientation, testing, and checks that go into making sure they are total quality. We have had numerous calls from facilities to tell us about something that just happened to them (and we could relate some hair-raising ones) to make sure we don’t do the same. We tell them we would never do that. Their response is always: “We should have known”. We have worked hard for our reputation and we would never sacrifice our commitment to quality.

With many companies it is all about the money. Our thought has always been if we do what is right by our customers and our employees the money will follow.

Fidelity On Call couldn’t do what it does without a dedicated internal team. Once again, we treat our office team with respect and fairness. We also reward them for the job they do and provide them with great benefits. Our senior team has been with Fidelity for over 15 years. Others in the company for 7 years or longer.

Fidelity On Call applied for certification with the Joint Commission the year they opened it up to travel companies. This requires additional reporting and auditing, but we gladly do it and proudly display the Gold Seal. The State of Illinois has passed legislation that requires an abundance of reporting in order to maintain our Labor License. Our team has all the systems in place to accomplish this as seamlessly as possible.

Twenty-nine years in business on June 29! Much has changed over that time. But, we also know there is so much more than can be done. We look forward to what the next 29 years may bring!