Change the Path You Are On

Change the Path You Are On

We all read and hear that there is a shortage of healthcare workers in our workforce and the numbers leaving seem to be climbing daily. We talk about mental health, patient to provider ratios, heath system politics, and all the reasons why people are choosing to leave healthcare.

With so many healthcare workers investing so much time and money in their career path, it seems unfathomable to see them leave healthcare all together.

Perhaps there is another path to consider that would allow you to fall in love with your healthcare career again. Would you like to:

  • Meet new people
  • Serve a community that is in need of someone with your professional skills
  • Work for an employer whose mission is to MAKE YOU HAPPY and find assignments that work for you
  • Develop personally and professionally
  • Enjoy work while finding balance in your work time vs time off

These are just a few ways to change your path or course of action to avoid burnout and frustration. Leaving a facility to work for a reputable travel healthcare agency is not a “risky” decision or just for the young, single, no kids, individual.

A successful healthcare agency, along with an experienced recruitment team, can work with most healthcare professionals and match them up with assignments that work for their individual circumstances.

In the end, a healthcare professional has nothing to lose in changing their path from staff work with corporate policies, to local or national travel healthcare. The following steps need to be taken:

✔ Always send an appropriate notice in writing with a minimum of two weeks notice. Notice should be sent to the direct supervisor and HR representative.

✔ Always remain professional and diligent in the remaining days you work and prepare to leave regardless of the reasons you are leaving.

✔ Request letters of recommendation from any members of the leadership you have worked with.

Leaving on professional terms will almost certainly ensure your ability to return to that facility should you find the need to go back down the road. But many travelers leave staff work and remain traveling until they retire. Others may travel for a while, return to their “home” base facility for a while and then return to travel. Again, they are back and forth as it suits their needs.

In the rare instance a healthcare professional finds travel is just not for them, they always have the option to go back to their home base or find another facility to work as staff or truly leave healthcare all together.

You do owe it to yourself and your career to change course and explore all options before choosing to leave all together.

Why wait, let us help YOU CHANGE the PATH you are on NOW!