Who Is Nurse Blake?

Blake Lynch, AKA “Nurse Blake” graduated with a BSN in 2014 from UCF in Florida. YES, Nurse Blake is a real NURSE. Licensed, educated, and experienced! He perhaps is most famous for being a comedian, content creator, and advocate. Nurse Blake is a bit of a Nurse Influencer if you will. Saying the things that most nurses may think yet dare not say.

Primarily Nurse Blake got started by posting videos about his own personal experiences as a nurse and hoping to add some humor for others in the healthcare field. He began doing this as an outlet for the trauma he was facing working in I.C.U trauma’s and handling all kinds of challenging diseases and terrible injuries. He has estimated seeing more than 50 people die.

The videos were a bit of an outlet for that stress. Mostly humorous prior to the pandemic, he then went to a bit darker side of humor during the pandemic. Often he pokes fun at hospital executives and leadership for being part of the problem of staffing shortages. Of course, Nurse Blake has not worked directly for a hospital since 2019 and he had to try to keep in touch with current healthcare professionals ensuring he was staying up to date. The benefit, however, allowed him to say what he feels “every” nurse would say if they could.

To say Nurse Blake strikes a chord with nurses everywhere is a large understatement. Currently he has more than 3.2 M followers on social media and sells out performances all over the country. While also being an influencer he started a BANNED4LIFE to end permanent FDA gay blood ban which ultimately contributed to the lifetime ban being lifted in 2015. He also started NurseCon at Sea which is a nursing conference cruise that is filled with relaxation, excursions, and the opportunity to earn CNE’s at SEA!

Fidelity On Call may not agree with all things Nurse Blake speaks about, but we do find so much of the comedy hilarious and in jest. We think Nurse Blake coming to Central IL and giving one winner a couple tickets with a VIP experience would be a fun way for any one of our employees to relax and enjoy some downtime. If we could give every one of our team members tickets, we would certainly do so.

There are quite a few nurses who have qualified for this drawing. Keep up the good work – you have until the end of October to be in the ticket drawing.