Why Choosing the Right Healthcare Agency Matters

A travel healthcare career does NOT need to be complicated. If you follow the job boards of the travel nurse industry you may feel overwhelmed, discouraged, and uninterested. When in fact the entire process should be and can be a seamless transition and the best professional decision you have made to date.

Selecting an Agency:

⮚ Are they a reputable company that has experience in travel healthcare?

⮚ Are they licensed to work in the state you wish to travel in?

⮚ Do they have experienced healthcare recruiters ready, available, and responsive to you and your questions?

⮚ What access do they have to a variety of placement opportunities?

⮚ What type of benefits do they offer?

Application Process:

⮚ Streamlined Application and Skills Assessment to be completed and returned.

⮚ Turnaround time for response should be 24-48 hours.

⮚ Thorough work history and references vetted to allow quicker submission and offer process.

Compliance and Onboarding Process:

⮚ While each facility we work with requires various compliance and health documentation, with us as your onboarding agent the process is simple.

⮚ All your information is uploaded into an electronic submission file. You will be notified prior (up to 45 days) to the expiration of any of your documentation in order to assist you in staying ahead of the game.

Individual/Personal Healthcare Recruiter:

⮚ Readily available and accessible professional healthcare recruiter that is available to answer questions and help navigate opportunities to find the best match for your specific needs.

⮚ Recruiter that will check in with you and see how your assignment is going throughout the contract and help navigate any issues you may be experiencing.

⮚ Professional coaching always available for professional growth.

When you take the experience you have gained over the course of your healthcare career, coupled with an experienced and professional healthcare travel agency, you too can fall in love with your career again and again.

Help Me Help You!

This famous image of Tom Cruise portraying a Sports Agent in the blockbuster movie, Jerry Maguire and the famous line “HELP ME HELP YOU” has never rang truer than it does today. Healthcare recruiters are shouting it from the roof tops. While sports agents get to show up at team practices and games to reach out directly to potential clients, healthcare recruiters work tirelessly and very non-conventional hours to connect with highly sought after healthcare professionals but never on site of any facility. Through cold calling, word of mouth, networking on the many social platforms, a successful healthcare recruiter never shies away from a challenge or the hustle.

In an industry that has lost a record number of professionals due to burn out, fatigue, and frustration with workplace politics, it is best to seek an experienced, successful, healthcare recruiter to be in your corner.

Another reason travel healthcare agencies have grown is we can provide a solution to help decrease employment stress and worry.

Additionally, a successful recruiter can help assist you in the process of going from agency to staff and back and forth as needed by what YOUR needs are at the time and in those transitions ensure you do not make any missteps that can affect your ability to return to travel again should the desire arise. In addition, our recruitment team can assist you in a direct staff position and negotiate the best offer possible.

A successful recruiter is the best option for falling in love with your healthcare career again. Having your own professional cheerleader in your corner, seeking advice on updating certifications, clinical skills, making yourself marketable, being paid competitive market wages are just a few of the ways a recruiter can help you.

Here are some tips to effectively work with your personalized Healthcare Recruiter here at Fidelity on Call:

COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY. Be sure to communicate what your goals and objectives are. Share what your preferred method of communication is. Communication is half the battle in all successful working relationships! Also ask what your recruiter would like for communication. Communication is also a two-way street. Both you and your recruiter need to be on the same page.

SEEK ADVICE. Before applying for a staff job, even if it is PRN, speak with your recruiter to ensure you discuss all the stipulations hospitals put on PRN staff that could potentially affect if you wish to travel full time or move onto another assignment. There has become an increasing number of strings attached to working staff in any capacity. It is best to have all the information prior to making any decisions so you do not limit your opportunities.

RELATIONSHIP and RESPECT are critical in any professional or personal relationship. Your time is just as important to you as it is to your healthcare recruiter. Be sure you provide the same respect in return.

HELP ME HELP YOU. As shared in a very pop culture way, it really does ring true. If you feel you are an Elite Healthcare Provider and you are not reaching the success levels in your career that you are striving to do, pick up the phone and give one of our Elite Healthcare Recruitment Specialists a call today at 309.691.1500.

Are Healthcare Recruiters Important?

Who does not like to have a professional coach in their corner? With healthcare, it is no different. Having a professional, highly-trained healthcare recruiter that works for you is like having your own personal coach.

It is true that Fidelity On Call does not hire every person that applies. We do look for exceptional healthcare providers – ones we know share our mission and vision; ones that will be a good complement to our elite team. Our recruiters are on the front line of that screening process.

They not only advocate for their travel team member, but they work closely with our clients to ensure they are the best match for each other. A successful recruiter can find common ground if there are ever any issues. They can help facilitate flexibility. They ensure the traveler and client both have what they need in each assignment. This is paramount to the success of not just the client and their team, the traveler and their goals, but also to the patients that are being provided care.

Fidelity On Call believes in feedback. Whether that feedback is positive or negative, it is all instrumental in learning about professional development and both are equally important. We share openly and honestly with both our team members and our clients.

Our recruiters are on call. They are largely available 7 days a week. They work holidays, weekends and all the hours in between. That is something we have never waivered on. We know our healthcare team members work those days and if they have an emergency, we are there. If their personal recruiter is not available, they would still have another recruiter that is there for them.

At Fidelity On Call, we invest in people. Healthcare is the business of people. People caring for people.

The Difference a Recruiter Can Make in Your Career

Our series on why recruiters are important to a successful travel healthcare career continues. In this video, Kellie and Theress share what they love about serving travelers…from making sure they find a good match between the client and nurse, to helping healthcare providers make life-changing decisions to achieve their dreams.

At Fidelity On Call, we believe there’s nothing like having “job coach” with you from the beginning, who knows you and works on your behalf.  It truly makes a difference!

How Partnering With a Recruiter Helps Travelers Succeed

A recruiter can prepare you for success by helping you navigate contracts, weekend and holiday expectations, guaranteed hours, and more.

In this video, Kellie and Carla share more about how our recruiters work one-on-one with their travelers and often take on the role of a life coach when personal and professional challenges arise.

Our team members tell us that having a recruiter in their corner relieves some of the stress that comes with the job.

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