Why Choosing the Right Healthcare Agency Matters

Why Choosing the Right Healthcare Agency Matters

A travel healthcare career does NOT need to be complicated. If you follow the job boards of the travel nurse industry you may feel overwhelmed, discouraged, and uninterested. When in fact the entire process should be and can be a seamless transition and the best professional decision you have made to date.

Selecting an Agency:

⮚ Are they a reputable company that has experience in travel healthcare?

⮚ Are they licensed to work in the state you wish to travel in?

⮚ Do they have experienced healthcare recruiters ready, available, and responsive to you and your questions?

⮚ What access do they have to a variety of placement opportunities?

⮚ What type of benefits do they offer?

Application Process:

⮚ Streamlined Application and Skills Assessment to be completed and returned.

⮚ Turnaround time for response should be 24-48 hours.

⮚ Thorough work history and references vetted to allow quicker submission and offer process.

Compliance and Onboarding Process:

⮚ While each facility we work with requires various compliance and health documentation, with us as your onboarding agent the process is simple.

⮚ All your information is uploaded into an electronic submission file. You will be notified prior (up to 45 days) to the expiration of any of your documentation in order to assist you in staying ahead of the game.

Individual/Personal Healthcare Recruiter:

⮚ Readily available and accessible professional healthcare recruiter that is available to answer questions and help navigate opportunities to find the best match for your specific needs.

⮚ Recruiter that will check in with you and see how your assignment is going throughout the contract and help navigate any issues you may be experiencing.

⮚ Professional coaching always available for professional growth.

When you take the experience you have gained over the course of your healthcare career, coupled with an experienced and professional healthcare travel agency, you too can fall in love with your career again and again.