The Benefits of Working as a Travel Healthcare Provider

The Benefits of Working as a Travel Healthcare Provider

Money makes the world go around. No doubt. Those incredible crisis pay packages were something we never imagined would happen. But one thing about travel healthcare is to always expect the unexpected. That is another reason so many high-quality professionals seek travel assignments to avoid the same routine day in and day out. Same people, same providers, same environment. Why not change your scenery every 8-12 weeks?

While those historic pay packages are probably gone, the compensation for a travel healthcare provider usually far outweighs the pay for a staff healthcare person. Along with that pay are the perks that come in so much higher on the list of top qualities veteran healthcare travelers look for in a company.

To be a successful healthcare traveler, you must ensure you work for a financially healthy travel agency. A company that has longevity in the industry and a successful track record of paying their employees. Additionally, what do the agencies’ clients say about them?

    • Is direct deposit available?
    • How simple is the payroll system? Is there a consistent pay schedule?
    • Are compensation packages outlined in a contract?
    • Does the agency have long-term established relationships with hospitals in the State you wish to work in?

Once you have ensured the travel agency is a quality reputable business, what about other perks the company offers?

      • What type of health insurance plan do they offer?
      • Is there dental insurance?
      • Vision options, short term disability, Life Insurance?
      • Is there a retirement savings plan?
      • Is there a continual education reimbursement?
      • Is there a new employee orientation process that outlines the company’s expectations, policies, and procedures?

Finally, how streamlined is the process from application to employment offer? Having a successful personal recruiter can make or break your experience and longevity in this industry that has been around over forty years.

      • Is your recruiter available and transparent?
      • Is the Agency available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? Is there an on-call team available?
      • Are you able to express your goals and feel heard about those expectations?
      • How streamlined is the hiring process and onboarding process?
      • Most importantly, are you able to switch recruiters and remain in the same organization if there is not a connection between the two of you?

Travel Healthcare has been around for decades and is clearly here to stay for the foreseeable future. One year minimum of experience can potentially get you started on a twenty-plus-year career. You can stay close to home or travel as far as the roads or airlines can take you.

The personal and professional growth you can experience and gain from this industry is a rare opportunity, as not too many careers have such experiences to offer. Whether you travel for one or two contracts a year or year after year, the flexibility the industry has to offer is hands down second to none.