Two blocks with the words: Back to Basics

Back to Basics for Travelers

With Fidelity On Call, all of our travel nurses receive a contract that spells out everything that will happen during their assignment – rate of pay, days off, facility assignment, floor assignment and so much more.

Here are some of the basics you agree to:

1) Attendance

Travel nurses are the back up team. Facilities are already short staffed and when travelers are utilized, our attendance is paramount to the success of patient care at that facility.

-If you accept a travel contract, you are held accountable for the verbal and written agreement of working the shift and hours agreed to. Any personal time off must have been preapproved and in writing in the contract. Should something arise during the course of the contract, traveler should be communicating with their recruiter on the best course of action to take.

-If you have an emergency or illness that prohibits you from being able to work a scheduled shift, you would contact your recruiter. You would also alert the hospital that you are unable to make it.

-Any shifts you call off for must be made up as quickly as possible. That make up shift will not be paid as overtime. Make up shifts are paid at the contracted rate as regular hours.

2) Schedules

As a travel nurse, we ask you to send in your schedule to your recruiter once you receive it from the facility. Any changes that happen throughout the schedule provided us also need to be reported. This tracking is to help check and balance payroll and to help ensure we do not make errors on your payroll. Having your schedule also helps us figure out when to contact you if we need to reach you – helps to NOT Wake you up if you are a night shift worker.

3) Communication

They say communication is half the battle. Never truer words spoken. Communication in travel healthcare is paramount to ensure success for you as a traveler and also our success with you. If someone from the office team reaches out to you, please ensure you communicate back with that person as quickly as you are able to do so. Perhaps the calls are inquiries regarding payroll, schedule, compliance etc. All communication is important. Not responding leads to more work on both of our parts.

We appreciate our nurses who are dedicated to fulfilling every commitment of their contract. If you have questions on anything stated above, please contact your recruiter.