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Travel Nurse Stories: Group Insurance

“I need a new company to work for. I was told I have group insurance, but I really don’t.”

When we grew up our parents always said, “You need to be a person of your word. If you say it, you do it!” I think everyone probably grew up hearing that same message; however, it doesn’t always carry through to adulthood.

We have had many travel nurses call us to say they were told they had group health insurance coverage only to discover that their coverage was supplemental insurance.

We recently received a call from a travel nurse looking for a new company to work for. She had been told she had group insurance. Since she hadn’t received her insurance card and needed to use it, she called her company.

At that point, she was told by her recruiter that she did NOT have any insurance coverage. Personally, we have no idea why anyone would mislead an employee.

It certainly doesn’t make for a long-term relationship. However, once again, that recruiter – charged with a certain quota – filled a position.

But, there are companies that do offer group insurance and Fidelity On Call certainly does. It is solid coverage and is available to not only our travel nurses but their families as well. Ours also includes prescription cards.

We encourage you to always thoroughly check out the company you plan to travel for and make sure they are people who “say it and do it!”

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