Travel Nurse Stories: What Made You Switch to Travel?

Our Travel Nurse Stories series continues…

For this segment, we asked some members of our elite team of travel nurses what made them consider switching to travel vs working directly at a hospital? Here are their responses.

Charis says that while she enjoyed being in the float pool at the hospital, she didn’t always like that level of chaos. Traveling provides her the same opportunity of having lots of different experiences without the constant change.

Clayton says frustration over not being allowed to use his paid vacation days at a hospital pushed him to make the switch to travel nursing.

In this story, Dana says she wasn’t getting compensated for all the extra hours she was working while in management, and found the pay to be better through our agency.

Grace was 2 years in to working at a hospital and thought she needed more years of experience to move to traveling. Her interview with Fidelity On Call, made her realize she was very capable and gave her the confidence to make the change.

In this story, Holly says when she was working for a facility as a staff nurse, they were low census for several months and kept getting sent home. So it was very attractive to her to have guaranteed hours and not have to worry about getting called off.

Sue tells Carla that working for Fidelity On Call gives her the opportunity to learn new things, meet new people, and have new experiences.

In this story, Tyler says he knew he had a skill set that he could provide to other hospitals, and traveling allowed him to share his knowledge.

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Travel Nurse Stories: Did it Take a While to Make the Switch?

We asked some of the members of our elite team of travel nurses if it took them a while to make the decision to switch to travel nursing, and if so, what kept them from making the move sooner?

In this story, Xavier says loyalty to the facility he worked at and the families they serve, kept him from making the switch. But the ability to bring a positive and uplifting attitude to more patients and employers helped him decide to become a traveler.

Did you take a while to make the decision to switch to travel nursing? What kept you from making the move earlier? In this story, Clayton says the comfort of familiarity kept him from making the switch, but a situation where he didn’t get his vacation earned, prompted him to make a change.

In this story, Holly says she waited because she thought it would be too hard to jump in. But she’s learned through many contracts, that’s not the case.

In this story, Sue says she’d left the hospital to work in a group home, but missed the action. Traveling allows her to help people when they’re at their most vulnerable.

In this story, Tyler says the fear of change and questions about how it would impact his family held him back, but after several conversations with Kellie, he felt confident in deciding to switch.

In this story, Charis says she asked a travel nurse about the ins and outs of traveling and jumped right in!

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Travel Nurse Stories: Direct or Through an Agency?

Do travel nurses prefer to work direct for a hospital, or for an agency like Fidelity On Call? We asked some of our nurses…

In this story, Lonna tells Kellie that one of the differences is having that extra person who has your back.

In this story, Tyler shares some of the differences, including being able to be flexed to whatever hospital location is needing some help.

In this story, Charis says a substantial difference for her is having our team as an extra resource for support.

In this story, Grace tells Sara about some differences for her including being able to avoid toxic environments, and truly being able to feel the pride that comes with being a nurse.

In this story, Sue tells Carla the differences that mean the most to her, including not having to be involved with the politics, so she can focus on her patient’s care.

In this story, Xavier tells Sara one of the big differences for him is getting a chance to practice a lot of different skills.

In this story, Holly says she often hears hospital employees complain about meetings, which she gets to skip as a contract nurse!

In this story, Clayton says that for him, being a traveler is stress free from a financial standpoint.

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