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We Would Never Say “I Told You So”

Part of making the switch from staff healthcare to travel healthcare is knowing you have nothing to lose. If the travel does not work for you, once you have successfully completed your contract, you can go right back to the staff side of healthcare. But, for so many reasons, once you have made the change to the travel side of healthcare, it is increasingly tough to go back to working as a staff employee. At least this is true for many Fidelity On Call travelers.

However, if you go back to being a staff nurse and then realize that you should have stayed travel, you will never hear a recruiter at Fidelity On Call say, “I TOLD YOU SO.” When you pick up the phone and call us back to say, “Hey look, staff isn’t working out for me. Can I come back?”

One of the benefits of working with a Fidelity On Call healthcare recruiter is that collectively, the recruitment team has 3 decades of experience in healthcare recruitment, and they have been there, heard that, and seen that. The beauty of travel is the variety of options.

It works for so many different seasons of one’s life that so many of our travelers have worked as staff, left and traveled with us, left for staff again, and recently are coming back in droves.

We want all of our travelers to feel important enough to reach back out to us when they want to come back. Because you ARE important. Chances are you can work with the same recruiter you had, or you can change it up and choose another one. With Fidelity On Call you have options. Always! We value and invest in our teams’ happiness because YOUR success is OUR success.