4 Reasons to STILL Love Travel Healthcare

4 Reasons to STILL Love Travel Healthcare

Choosing Travel Healthcare is an excellent option for your professional, personal, and financial growth. Here are just a few of the reasons that apply:


Most travel contracts are typically 13 weeks at a time. Travel healthcare providers can move from client to client or extend if they choose if there is still a need at that location. Additionally, travel healthcare workers can choose the shift they wish to work, the units they are qualified to work on and change these on their next assignment, if wanted.

Flexible Work Schedule


Does 2 weeks of vacation interest you? Maybe you want to take 3 or 4 weeks off. With healthcare as physically and emotionally taxing as it is, one week might not be enough. When you choose travel healthcare, you can take off the time you want or need. Summers off, no problem.

Time Freedom

Professional Growth

Many of our travel healthcare providers came to our agency with one set of specific skills. Throughout their career with us, they go on to obtain multiple areas of experience and expertise. Those opportunities are obtained due to our highly experienced recruiters working closely with their traveler to explore the hundreds of openings with our many clients to ensure they have seen every possible opportunity for that specific traveler.

Professional Growth


While travel pay is no longer $100 an hour or more (covid rates), travel healthcare pay is almost always higher than staff pay along with other benefits that lead to more money in your pocket. Tax free allowances, housing, stipends, referral bonuses, and education reimbursements are just some of the monetary benefits we offer.

Before you jump in, start by speaking with a recruiter. Allow our recruiter to share Fidelity On Call’s background and history with you. Once you feel you know more about us and what our mission is and see that it aligns with your values and views, you can then share with your recruiter what your goals are in coming to travel. At that point, if you feel you wish to proceed with the next steps, your recruiter will get you through the process as seamlessly as possible!

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