25 Years of Experience: A Travel Nurse Shares Tips for Success

25 Years of Experience: A Travel Nurse Shares Tips for Success

Lonna is an RN who traveled for 25 of her 30-year career – almost entirely with Fidelity On Call. She has traveled across the country from California to Connecticut, Wyoming to Texas, and Illinois, Iowa and Missouri.

Lonna was always in critical care, either ICU or ER, and Kellie has been her recruiter for quite some time. She has retired, but still comes back to work from time to time.

Lonna took time to join us for this series where she will share advice to help you explore the endless possibilities in your travel career. Watch Part 1& 2 below…

Lonna Part 1

Are you considering a switch to travel health, or are you looking for an agency to work with? Let’s talk! Call (309) 691-1500 or message us!

Lonna Part 2

In this video, Lonna shares the freedom and flexibility she experienced as a traveler which was the primary reason she left staff nursing after five years.

Lonna Part 3

In this video, Lonna shares the reasons why, after making the switch to travel nursing, she never went back to working staff.

Lonna Part 4

In this video, we focus on benefits. Lonna worked the majority of her career with us at Fidelity On Call, but also for a couple other agencies as well. But she learned that not every agency offers the full benefit package that we do. Lonna shares what to expect, and what coverage has been most important for her as a traveler.

Lonna Part 5

In this series, we’ve been bringing all kinds of information to you talking about the freedom and flexibility that comes with a career in travel healthcare. 25-year travel nurse veteran Lonna spent most of her travel career with us. As an elite team member of Fidelity On Call, Lonna explains the level of excellence that you must have to become a member of our travel health team, and why our team members stand out at the facilities they serve.