Why Now Is a Great Time to Join Travel Healthcare

Why Now Is a Great Time to Join Travel Healthcare

There are tons of blogs, tik toks, Instagram, etc posts about why now is NOT a great time to join travel healthcare. So why are we saying there has never been a better time? It is quite simple. In many respects our industry has returned to a sense of normalcy.

Healthcare professionals are deciding carefully about travel healthcare instead of jumping in for the wrong reasons. They are looking at agency reputations and establishing a relationship with a recruiter and an agency. Healthcare professionals are weighing the pros and cons and making careful, thoughtful decisions about what is best for them at this point in their lives.

We have been in business since 1994. We have experienced many changes in our business and in the industry during this time. We can all agree that from about March of 2020 to early 2023 the only thing that seemed to be the focus of an industry that has been around for 40 years was money. The large pay packages!

Granted we all need and enjoy money and being compensated for the job we do. But what goes up does go down and that money can be the root of some evil and in our industry of staffing, that was true as well. That is a blog post for another day.

So, why is it a great time to join travel healthcare if the pay packages are not boasting 100/hr.? We have compiled the top ten reasons our travel team is growing, from what our elite team tells us are the reasons they are taking the leap and or staying in the industry of travel healthcare:

  • Professional growth opportunities
  • Job Security
  • New friends
  • Make more money
  • No workplace politics
  • Avoid burnout
  • Find the ideal place to settle down
  • Flexibility and freedom to choose
  • Work-Life-Balance
  • Recognition

We believe now is the PERFECT time to make a call, send a text or send an email and connect with one of our professional healthcare recruiters to start the conversation about your goals as a healthcare professional.