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Why Travel Healthcare WORKS for Back- to- School

Hard to believe we are now at the back-to-school time of the year. For many people there is a certain amount of stress that comes with those three words. All the things that begin again – homework, packed lunches, extracurricular activities, bus schedules and more. Whether you are a parent with children going back to school or you are the student working toward your advanced degree, back-to school causes its own set of dilemmas. Finding the right amount of work-life balance can be a struggle. However, it most certainly does not have to be.

As a healthcare licensed professional, you have options that are unlike many other professional industries. You can work as a staff employee at a hospital or other like medical setting for your specialty or you can be employed by a reputable healthcare travel agency.

If you are an experienced professional with at least one year of experience, you should reach out to a recruiter here at Fidelity on Call to discuss all options available to you. Why work 36 or 40 hours a week to also have your phone blow up on your time off to be asked or manipulated to come into work, when you likely already have so many other things to do?

Loyalty is so important and being a team player, we agree, is important. However, it always seems that the most loyal and flexible people get used time and time again with no repercussions for those that do the bare minimum.

In travel healthcare, you have the freedom and flexibility to choose. You only must work your 36 hours or 40 hours, whichever contract terms you choose. Yes, you CAN work extra and so many travelers do, however, you are not mandated or forced to, and many do not work more than what they are agreeing to work.
There is no “one size fits all” in travel healthcare, but there are so many opportunities every day.

We have employees that are diverse in what their individual needs are and work hard to ensure they have opportunities available to fit their unique needs.

In business since 1994, Fidelity On Call has hundreds of relationships with medical facilities all over Illinois and other states as well.

Whether you are the parent of the kiddo that is headed back to school, you are back to school, or all the above applies, the freedom and flexibility of choosing what your work is going to be like for 13 weeks at a time, gives you the ability to meet all your obligations and still schedule some down time for you and or you and your family. With NO GUILT.

Take the first step to relieve those back-to-school worries. Call and speak with a recruiter today. Our recruiters can:

  • discuss your goals with you
  • the benefit packages available
  • competitive pay packages
  • assignments open

…and so much more that is personalized for you at this very busy time of the year. Let us help take the stress and worry out of this time of the year and allow you to enjoy it.