What Made You Choose Fidelity On Call

Travel Nurse Stories: What Made You Choose Fidelity On Call?

There are over 2,000 travel nursing agencies across the country. So we asked some members of our elite team of travel nurses what made them choose Fidelity On Call?

In this story, Dana says she chose us in part because of our recruiting efforts! Also, because she reached out to some nurses she’d gone to school with who worked for us and heard good things from them.

In this story, In this story, Sue says she had worked with our company while on staff at a faciity, and was impressed with our reputation, response, and the quality of our team members.

In this story, Lonna says none of the agencies she worked for before had the personal care, and the personal support we’ve provided. offered here. Lonna considers us family!

While on staff at a facility, Grace really enjoyed working with one of our travel nurses, Chad. She said he was the kind of nurse everyone wanted to be. Grace realized she could be that person too, and reached out to us.

Stephanie says we had great reviews, not only from nurses, but also from local hospitals, which made it an easy choice.

Tyler said being based in Peoria, working for us allowed him to travel locally…though he liked there was an option to travel nationally if he wanted to.

Charis says with most of the travel agencies, you call 800 numbers and deal with people who are impersonal and pushy. She appreciates that at Fidelity On Call, she can talk with us face-to-face.

Clayton says he’d heard good things about our company from a co-worker. After speaking with his recruiter, Clayton felt at ease and decided he didn’t need to search any further

Holly says there’s so many travel companies out there, but you don’t ever meet your recruiter, or know who owns the company…you know nothing about them. What she likes about Fidelity On call is that it’s very personal, and she knows everybody.