Travel Nurse Stories - What Does It Mean to Be on the Elite Team

Travel Nurse Stories: What Does It Mean to Be on the Elite Team?

When you work for Fidelity On Call, you are part of a select team of hand-picked travelers who provide the best of care to those that we serve. We asked some of our travel nurses to share what it means to be part of the elite team.

In this story, Dana says being a member of our elite team means that when you are assigned somewhere, people know they can trust you, and count on you.

In this story, Tyler says being on the elite team means having quality at the forefront in your mind when you’re working with patients.

In this story, Holly says it’s really an honor to be on the elite team because people know Fidelity On Call’s reputation, and that the standards for their nurses are very high.

Sue, who is a critical care nurse says, “We like to have everything perfect and expect perfection in everything we do.” To that end, she says being a member of our elite team is quite a compliment.

In this story, Grace says, “It means that we can set the example for all the other nurses on the floor.”

In this story, Charis says that sadly, travel nurses haven’t always had the best reputation. But by working for us, her goal is to improve that by letting the hospital know she is their resource who will get them through a time when their staffing is an issue, without making it hard for them.

In this story, Clayton says that when he’s on a shift with other Fidelity travelers, there’s camaraderie and pride in working with other skilled and knowledgeable team members.

In this story, Lonna says it’s having a facility say, “That was the best nurse we’ve ever had. I want her back. I want another nurse from Fidelity because I know they’re going to listen to my needs and send me what I need.”

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