Technology and change

Technology and Change is good, til it’s NOT!

One of our travelers recently showed us a few apps being used by other companies to hire nurses. These apps have no recruiters involved and no personal screening. Just an app! Concerns and red flags popped up on so many levels. Sure, the app was slick. However, what quality checks are done and how are they done? Literally any nurse (this app specifically targeted nurses) could download the app, enter their information, upload some forms, and immediately gets jobs assigned to them. There were not credible references done and no verification process on what they were uploading. We found it disturbing to say the least.

While we acknowledge it was slick and quick, we have been around long enough to see a different side of the healthcare travel business. We know that not everyone that applies is who they say they are. Not every nurse or healthcare worker has a discipline-free license to practice or clean background. Not every healthcare worker can pass a drug screen. Not every healthcare employee shows up to work when scheduled and on time and the list goes on.

As in all industries, technology changes and adapts over time. Our industry is no different. When we started in 1994, it was desktop phones, pagers, paper schedule books with paper lists of employee phone numbers. YES, you read that correctly! Now, it’s cell phones, laptops, social media, electronic links to apply for a position with us, electronic on-boarding and so much more – all in an attempt to ensure a more streamlined process for our team members and clients.

With every new change comes some challenges and surprises. We work hard to ensure our quality checks are in place – it is one of the keys to our success. We don’t take shortcuts. By using technology and implementing more convenient ways for healthcare candidates to apply – we still make sure we hire quality workers who are thoroughly screen and are the right fit for each and every assignment they accept.

Fidelity On Call will always be forward thinking, however, we will not shortcut quality or our business practices. Cutting corners only leads to disappointment, wasted time by all parties and could even cost a precious life. We appreciate that our clients have allowed us to partner with them for so many years and look forward to establishing additional relationships with other facilities that also need a quality company to assist them.