Travel healthcare is a career

Yes, Travel Healthcare Is a Career

We recently had  one of our nurses retire after being a travel healthcare professional for 20 plus years.

It still surprises our healthcare recruiters when they are networking with candidates that the stigma of “agency work” is part time or a short-term option. It then surprises those very candidates when they learn that we have team members that have been employed by Fidelity On Call for 10 plus years.

We offer all the same benefits that any other healthcare employer offers. While there are differences, we know that we are industry leaders due to the quality and affordability of what we offer. For example:

  • High Quality Affordable Health Care Insurance – Fidelity On Call offers true group health insurance with a national insurance provider. The plan provides our employees a low deductible and drug prescription plan. In comparison we see what other employers offer and there are super high deductibles and or a supplemental health plan which is not true group health insurance.
  • Dental Insurance- Fidelity On Call covers the premium for the employee entirely! For a small cost the employee can also add dependents and this benefit is with an industry-leading provider
  • Corporate Vision Discount Program
  • 401k Retirement plan
  • Short Term Disability
  • Life Insurance Benefits
  • Continual education reimbursement

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, the flexibility that a travel healthcare provider is afforded may be worth more than the competitive wages and all the benefits combined.

Choosing when and where you wish to work are one of the many reasons healthcare professionals choose travel. Taking summers off or just a few weeks at a time throughout the year, provides the work life balance that so many seek.

Whether you are a Registered Nurse or one of the Allied Health Care professionals, we can say with certainty that our healthcare recruitment specialists can work to help YOU establish a long lasting travel healthcare career in the industry.