Healthcare Burnout: What are the signs?

Healthcare Burnout: What Are the Signs?

Healthcare burnout is a serious issue that affects many healthcare professionals. It can lead to physical and emotional exhaustion, decreased job satisfaction, and even depression. Kellie and Theress share some of the signs of burnout to watch out for, and how to turn things around if you are experiencing it.

Resources to help you manage burnout

Short-Term Stress Relief Strategies:

  • Breathing exercises – APPS to try: The Breathing App, Headspace, Breathe
  • Meditation- Apps to try: Calm, The Mindfulness App, Headspace
  • Massage therapy – 5 Senses Spa & Salon
  • Reading a book, listening to music

Long- Term Stress Relief:

  • Eat a balanced diet
  • Sleep schedule
  • Alternative Health Resource Centers – Advanced Innergy
  • Utilize Focus feature on cell phone
  • Manage time