Travel Nurse Stories: Evicted

“The landlord told me I need to get out of my apartment. What can I do?”

A travel nurse, who had worked for us in the past, called us with this question. She had taken a contract assignment in another state through another travel company.

After being at the facility for about two months, she got notice she was about to get kicked out onto the street. She was surprised to learn that her travel company was not paying the rent on her apartment. (Unfortunately, they also are not paying her the hourly rate they had quoted her.)

What can this travel nurse do?

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But She Said She Was a Nurse

Frankly we were appalled when we read the article on Samantha Rivera, who said she was a nurse, and worked for a 13-week contract assignment through a staffing agency at a St. Louis Hospital – and in the ICU!

Her contract wasn’t extended and she applied at another staffing company. Thankfully, they were astute enough to realize she was not a nurse.

We cannot help but wonder how this could ever happen.

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7 Lucky Charms for Travel Nurses

When we say Lucky Charms do you instantly think of that wonderful breakfast cereal with the marshmallow treats in it?

Well, obviously, we did.

But there are lots of things that are considered lucky charms – like a rabbit’s foot, four-leaf clover, the number seven, a rainbow and so many more.

But, did you know that being a travel nurse is just loaded with “lucky charms?”

Here are seven reasons why:
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Our New Year’s Promise for the Travel Nurse

2017 is winding to a close and the New Year is almost here. Most of us are still trying to make it through the Christmas season before we look at all the resolutions we will make at the start of the year. And, I am just wondering . . . how many will be the same as the start of 2017? A lot of us will set personal goals like – lose weight, start to exercise, eat right, spend more time with family. But maybe, you are a nurse who plans to find a new career path, or a travel nurse who wants to progress in your career in 2018.

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11 Things We Are Thankful For

It’s that time of year when we gather with friends, families, and loved ones to give thanks, and celebrate the most important gifts in our lives.

At Fidelity on Call, Ltd., there are so many things to be thankful for all year round, but we wanted to share a few favorites of ours, and of our travel nurses:
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