Our Mission at Fidelity On Call

Our Mission at Fidelity On Call

As we celebrate 25 years in business, Fidelity On Call has realized that our mission statement – established in 1994 – is the tool that has kept us on target and grounded.

Our Mission to Provide the Best of Care

When we started, we knew that we wanted to always “provide the best of care to those that we served.” To us it meant when we hired anyone – whether they worked in the office or in the field – they must share that mission. We wanted to be proud of the staff members we sent into our customer’s facilities. We thoroughly vet, test, train, and assign our team members.

Every time we hired someone, we asked ourselves the question – would we allow you to care for our precious grandmother who had lived to within three weeks of 105? Easy question . . . easy answer . . . both then and now.

Additionally, we wanted our office team to be totally committed to providing our customers the best service and to make sure our nurses had a great experience working for our company. From what we hear from the field, we have done exactly that.

Throughout our history, there have been times that we were required to make a decision or consider a policy change. As all of our team members know, we never hire a nurse with a disciplined license.

There was a point where we started to wonder about that decision because we had a nurse with wonderful references whose license had been disciplined for student loan debt. We asked ourselves, why not break our policy? What would it matter? It seemed a small matter as it had eventually been paid.

But, the more we thought about it, the more we realized that we would question ourselves every time we looked at a nurse with a disciplined license and our hires would then be subjective.

Not a firm stance. So, we went back to our mission statement, and decided that our quality standards dictated that we stood firm on our decision. And, we discovered that not only do our hospitals like that stance but so does our team of elite nurses.

Now, when we hear our team tell us they are proud to be connected to a company that has such a strong stance, we know that our mission has continued to lead us to those quality nurses and office professionals that we want to hire.