The Ultimate Travel Nurse Packing List

The Ultimate Travel Nursing Packing List

We are more than excited to welcome new travel nurses to the community. However, we know that packing can be stressful. What do I bring? What is essential?

It is important to note that if you are traveling out of state or far from home, you will need both the essentials and comfort items. Items that you may want or need to make yourself feel at home while living at a distance while you create a home-away-from-home for yourself.

Below are some essentials to pack with you when you travel:

  • Scrubs: We all know you can never have too many.
  • Medication: Taking care of and staying on top of your own health is important to thriving. Bringing prescriptions, stomach medication, eye drops, allergy medication, and more can help provide a comfortable traveling experience.
  • Lounge/Exercise Wear: It is important to dress comfortably while relaxing at home or exploring your new location. Being comfortable in your clothing is important to take on any changes with certainty.
  • Clothing: Depending on what time of year it is and where you will be traveling to, ensure you have the clothes needed for the designation ahead! Whether it is tank tops or thick sweaters, make sure to pack what you will need.
  • Toiletries: Bringing your favorite hygiene items will make you more comfortable while traveling and taking on a new career.
  • Comfort Items: Perhaps you have a favorite blanket, coffee mug, or picture. All of these things can be important to making sure you take this new journey with confidence.
  • Hobby Items: Of course you will have time off. You may take this time to explore the area, or sometimes you’ll want the time to decompress with your favorite things to do. Don’t forget that favorite book, the knitting project you’ve been working on, or other craft and essential supplies.
  • Other Necessities: Chargers, laptops, earbuds, phone, laundry needs, flashlight, batteries, and anything else you may need in your new home. Don’t forget, the small things can often be the most impactful.

If you need anything during your assignment, we are here to make sure that you are comfortable and successful.