banks of recruiters

Travel Nurse Stories: They Have Banks of Recruiters

“Every time I call my travel company, I get a different recruiter.”

Many travel nursing companies have banks of recruiters. They are mandated to make a certain number of calls per day and to recruit a designated number of nurses each month.

It’s a tough job and, if they don’t produce the right results, they don’t survive for long. That’s why you could be talking to someone different every time you call.

It is important for you to know your company’s policy regarding mandated calls and recruits. And, the easiest way to find out is to check out how long your recruiter has been with their company.

This insures that they will not only be with you through your current contract, but for future ones as well.

At Fidelity On Call, we have maintained the same senior staff since we started in 1994. Our recruiters are long-term employees and are here to stay!

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