Travel Nurse Stories They Recruit Anyone

Travel Nurse Stories: I Think They Recruit Anyone

“When I arrived for my assignment, I was surprised at some of the other nurses that represented my company.”

Many travel nurse recruiters are mandated to recruit a certain number of nurses each month. Sometimes, this leads to a lack of quality.


Because, as a recruiter, they are pressured to fill positions or face losing their job.
Consequently, the focus is on the wrong thing.

At Fidelity On Call, we have received calls from our hospital customers telling us that they have been sent a nurse (from another travel company) with the wrong skill set or one who failed to show for their assignment or who has forged documentation and the list goes on.

When you think through to the end result of these examples, the patient could not have received the proper care. And, isn’t that what we should be there for?

Fidelity On Call carefully assigns our nurses to ensure they are a skills match. All documentation is complete and thoroughly checked. We check past history and what their supervisors have to say about their job performance. We won’t just “fill an assignment.”

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