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Travel Nurse Stories: Evicted

“The landlord told me I need to get out of my apartment. What can I do?”

A travel nurse, who had worked for us in the past, called us with this question. She had taken a contract assignment in another state through another travel company.

After being at the facility for about two months, she got notice she was about to get kicked out onto the street. She was surprised to learn that her travel company was not paying the rent on her apartment. (Unfortunately, they also are not paying her the hourly rate they had quoted her.)

What can this travel nurse do?

1) Don’t panic

Call your travel company and see if there is some recourse to get the apartment complex paid now. If you got or continue to get a run-around, it is best to cut your losses and find a new company with a new contract assignment.

2) Keep your reputation in tack

Make sure you don’t burn bridges with the hospital that you are leaving. This is vital as you might want to return with a different travel company. You are not abandoning them or your patients.

How can travel nurses avoid this situation altogether?

Do your homework in advance.

You would think this is an isolated incident, but, there are a lot of companies in the travel industry that don’t always follow through on their promises.

So, before you sign on with any travel company, make sure you check them out.

  • Are they reputable?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they keep their commitments?
  • What do their employees say about them?
  • Are they financially strong?
  • If they tell you something, are they willing to put it in writing?
  • When you see your contract, is everything detailed (e.g. hourly rate of pay, tax free allowances, housing, bonuses, guaranteed hours, etc.)?

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