Our New Year's Promise

Our New Year’s Promise for the Travel Nurse

2017 is winding to a close and the New Year is almost here. Most of us are still trying to make it through the Christmas season before we look at all the resolutions we will make at the start of the year. And, I am just wondering . . . how many will be the same as the start of 2017? A lot of us will set personal goals like – lose weight, start to exercise, eat right, spend more time with family. But maybe, you are a nurse who plans to find a new career path, or a travel nurse who wants to progress in your career in 2018.

So often, it is the New Year that forces us to look at things we are uncomfortable with. And, all too often, that includes our work – there’s too much gossip, or a new policy every month, facility politics and more when the simple fact is that nursing should be about great patient care. That’s why you became a nurse in the first place.

Well, Fidelity On Call has been helping travel nurses achieve their goals for over 23 years and, we promise that we can help you start 2018 off in that new direction – a direction that will have you loving patient care again. And, one where you will feel appreciated.

Travel nursing is an exciting career – you make great money, get tax free allowances, bonuses, and benefits.  Plus, at Fidelity On Call, you are part of an elite team of nurses as we do not hire every nurse that applies.  You must be a top quality professional with great references and a discipline-free license.

We also give you the respect you deserve and are with you every step of the way to ensure that you have a successful career with us.

Why not start 2018 off with a bang?  And by the time the year is over, you will be smiling as 2019 comes and you are on the road to even greater success!

Call us, or send us a message! We look forward to talking with you about becoming a travel nurse for Fidelity on Call, Ltd.