For #NursesWeek We Salute Our Fantastic Team of Travel Nurses

#NursesWeek: We Salute Our Fantastic Team of Travel Nurses

Every year from May 6 to May 12 we celebrate National #NursesWeek with the 6th being designated National Nurses Day. This has been a time-honored week and day since 1974 when it was moved from the original October to be celebrated around the birthday of Florence Nightingale, who, as you know, is considered the founder of modern nursing.

She turned what was considered an unimportant, low-status job into a respectable profession. She also improved hospitals by tackling their dirtiness and deterioration and making sanitary improvements for clean and safe hospitals. In addition, she wrote the first textbook for nurses, “Notes on Nursing.”

As I reflected on the importance of National #NursesWeek, I could not help but think about some of the experiences I have had with nurses. My very first one was in the late 60’s when I had a fantastic male nurse during a week long hospital stay. He was kind, caring, courteous and always there to help me through the process. He exhibited every quality that a great Fidelity On Call nurse would have.

Later, when yet another hospital stay came along, the nurse I remember most helped me cope with facing yet another surgery. Her words of encouragement meant everything to me.

Over the years, I have had excellent experiences and then some that I will say I truly want to forget. So, when establishing Fidelity On Call, it became vital to not only make the proper assignments for our hospital customers, but to hire those nurses that could make a lasting impression on every patient they worked with.

Nothing is more fun than to come into our office and have reviews waiting on our nurses from our customers. Why? Because their comments make us so proud of our “elite team.” Here are just a few examples:

  • Staff appreciates her knowledge and skill set.
  • Willing to do whatever the team needs; help others think outside the box.
  • He is very competent and has a great rapport with the staff and physicians.
  • She is spectacular.
  • Fit right in with the staff.
  • Exceptional skills and seasoned nurse. We are lucky to have her.
  • An amazing person to have working here.
  • We are ecstatic she is working with us. Our patients are very lucky.
  • We felt very lucky to have her. She received numerous compliments from patients and their families.
  • Phenomenal asset to our hospital.
  • She is the right fit with our staff.

Just how great is that? And it is a very small sampling of what we get to see in our office. We are so proud of our team.

Is it any wonder that our nurses are part of a profession that – for the last 16 years – has ranked as the most trusted profession in the U. S. (Gallup Survey). And, according to their research, nurses are viewed as having the highest ethical and honesty standards by 85% of those who took the survey!

Our hats are off to our fantastic nurses during National #NursesWeek.