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Employee Contest Winner Heads to Las Vegas

Recently Fidelity On Call ran an employee contest called “Go to Las Vegas and Stay in New York!” We wanted referrals from our current travel RNs. Since we only hire the best, we were counting on them to referral the best. And, we weren’t disappointed.

The contest ran for a 90 day period and the team member with the highest point total would win not only airfare for 2 adults but 5 days and 4 nights at New York, New York! The package value was an estimated $1500.

Our winner was Chad Malinowski – who in every way exemplifies Fidelity On Call’s commitment to quality. We were thrilled!

And they’re off!

Fidelity on Call Employee Contest Winner Las Vegas

Upon their return, Chad shared some of the details of his trip:

My wife Tara and I were extremely excited that I won the trip to Las Vegas. We were married there in 2012, and have not had a vacation since! We are two busy nurses with two toddlers at home, and the vacation was needed!

Both of us are terrified of flying, but once we landed it was vacation time. Since we have such busy lives, we decided that we would not make any plans for this trip. We checked in at the New York, New York, and then just started walking. We had both been to Vegas before so we wanted to try and see some of the casinos that we had not seen before. During our time there, we were able to visit every single casino on the strip!

vegas wedding chapel

Some of the highlights of our trip were seeing the Bellagio’s garden, revisiting the wedding chapel where we were married, and celebrating Tara’s birthday at a restaurant overlooking the Bellagio fountain. We also had a blast visiting the downtown casinos, where we watched a guy win $15,000 on a slot machine!

We spent most of our time in the casinos. We didn’t come home any wealthier, but we did have some fun and exciting wins. I won $270 on one machine at the Stratosphere, and Tara won a $350 jackpot at the Monte Carlo on our last day! We also spent a fair amount of time eating. We ate at Bobby Flay’s burger joint, Scarpetta by Scott Conat, and the magnificent buffet at the Bellagio! Tara was also able to enjoy a massage for her birthday, and I had a blast people watching.

waterfall wall

The lights and sounds of Las Vegas have always made me feel happy and energized. We had so much fun on our vacation, and enjoyed every minute, but we were also glad to be home with our boys when it was over.

Thanks again so much for the trip. I truly enjoy working at Fidelity On Call, and I feel very blessed to have a great job with such a great company. Overall the company has a very positive atmosphere. Not to mention that the pay and benefits – like winning a trip to Vegas – are awesome!


See all of the pictures Chad shared with us from his trip in our Facebook Photo Album.