ife Line Pilots Lindsey Kerr

Learn About LifeLine Pilots

We asked Lindsay Kerr, Executive Director of  Lifeline Pilots, to tell us more about their organization. We believe that all the health care facilities and workers that follow us need to know about what they do.

Lifeline Pilots is a nonprofit, that provides free air transportation for people who need medical or humanitarian care far from home.

Located in Peoria, Illinois, they cover 10 states in the Midwest. Lifeline Pilots has almost 300 volunteer pilots located throughout the 10-state region, ready to fly people who need to travel, especially for for medical care.

Lindsey gave us this example: “If somebody needs to travel, from Illinois to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota for a second opinion, our pilots can fly them for free. There is never a cost for someone to fly with us.”

Lifeline Pilots receives no government funding, and the pilots are the organization’s biggest contributors. They last year they contributed over a million dollars in free flights. They cover the cost of the fuel and their aircraft to fly it.

Lifeline Pilots raises funds and applies for grants to help support the trips, but they also need private donations from individuals and businesses.

Visit LifeLinePilots.org/Donate to support the facilitation of their mission.