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It’s Time to Blossom Out this Spring!

Oh the joy of Spring! It is so wonderful to see the tulips popping their head up through the ground, the trees starting to bud out, hearing the birds chirping, and breathing deeply to take in the fresh smell that permeates the air.

Spring gives you a new pep in your step, lift to your spirit and a chance to start a
new season in your life.

And, as with all things springing forward, have you thought about doing just that in your nursing career?

At Fidelity On Call, we work hard to make sure our travel nurses have the joys that come with truly blooming in their job.

Wouldn’t you like:

    • The freedom and flexibility to work at a hospital of your choosing?
    • To leave work at the end of the day knowing that you made a difference in the lives of so many people, but you can now go home without the stress of the hospitals politics?
    • To know that you are never alone on an assignment, but rather your company stands firmly behind you and has your back?
    • To know that you are part of a highly respected, elite team of nurses?
    • To take time off between your assignments for vacations or personal business?
    • To make more money, receive tax-free allowances, and a bonus at the end of a successful

All these things and more are possible. So, why wait? Spring forward today by calling one of our recruiters. We are waiting to hear from you! 309-691-1500.