image of gifts and lights with the blog title:Holiday-cheer-from-some-of-our-nurses

Holiday Cheer from Some of Our Nurses

To help spread holiday cheer, we asked some of the members of our elite team about their traditions and more.

So grab a cup of hot cocoa and find out what some of our nurses love most about this time of year!

(Keep checking back as we add more videos to this post.)

1. What’s Your Favorite Holiday Treat?

2. If you could spend Christmas or New Year’s anywhere, where would it be?

3. What is the best gift you’ve ever received or given?

4. When you work on Christmas or New Year, is there anything you do to make it enjoyable for the team or the patients?

5. What is your favorite memory of 2019?

5. What advice would you give yourself for 2020?