Payroll is Everything Series 2 - Timekeeping

Timekeeping: Just Hit That Punch Button!

In this episode of our “Everything Payroll” series, we are joined by Fidelity On Call’s Comptroller, Melanie. She explains LightWork, the new online real-time software we are using for timekeeping, and how easy it is for you to use. This is a simple program to use. It’s web based, but you can save it to … Continue reading Timekeeping: Just Hit That Punch Button!

Time to get paid! New payroll updates

Time to Get Paid – New Payroll Updates Here!

In the first of our series about payroll, we visit with our Chief Operating Officer. David shares why payroll is important to him, and why he’s always made it his mission to ensure that payroll stays in house. David also shares what he thinks is most beneficial about our updated timekeeping system. Payroll is the … Continue reading Time to Get Paid – New Payroll Updates Here!

Are Healthcare Recruiters Important

Are Healthcare Recruiters Important?

Who does not like to have a professional coach in their corner? With healthcare, it is no different. Having a professional, highly-trained healthcare recruiter that works for you is like having your own personal coach. It is true that Fidelity On Call does not hire every person that applies. We do look for exceptional healthcare … Continue reading Are Healthcare Recruiters Important?

I love nursing blog post image

I Love Nursing

For Valentine’s Day, we asked some of our elite team members what they love about being a travel nurse. Here are their responses… What I love is my career affords me to do what I love and love what I do. Healthcare is complicated and complex. Travel healthcare gives me flexibility to change up the … Continue reading I Love Nursing

The Difference a Recruiter Can Make in Your Career

The Difference a Recruiter Can Make in Your Career

Our series on why recruiters are important to a successful travel healthcare career continues. In this video, Kellie and Theress share what they love about serving travelers…from making sure they find a good match between the client and nurse, to helping healthcare providers make life-changing decisions to achieve their dreams. At Fidelity On Call, we … Continue reading The Difference a Recruiter Can Make in Your Career

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